February 5, 2023

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Open Vld wants to uncheck the car and perform it privately

Open Vld wants to uncheck the car and perform it privately

Today, the Liberals are holding their third in a series of four conferences on the topic of freedom in Kinnepolis. Party members had the opportunity to form the party platform for the 2024 elections on the basis of immediately revised data.

Freedom is primarily interpreted by Open Vld as self-determination and less extensive government. A car inspection, for example, is a service that the private sector, according to liberals, can perfectly perform. Just as in the Netherlands, the party wants to switch to a system of recognized garage owners who are responsible for annual inspections.

Public transport

The private sector should also play a greater role in public transportation, according to the Liberals. The monopolies of De Lijn, STIB and NMBS must disappear, so that private players can also become active.

‘Two weeks left to save companies from ruin’

“Every day I receive signals from companies big and small that their energy bills are getting too high. We still have two weeks to go, and then the drama will happen.” President Egbert Laschart said, On the sidelines of the party conference. “If businesses start closing in a few weeks, we’re cutting our economic fabric,” Lachert says. “The federal government came up with measures for families yesterday, and the Flemish government is no longer behind on corporate initiatives.”

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