March 2, 2024

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Otto Jan Hamm’s girlfriend sails across the ocean by herself: ‘She has left her head on heels’

Otto Jan Hamm’s girlfriend sails across the ocean by herself: ‘She has left her head on heels’

After Otto-Jan Ham, his partner Iris has now begun crossing the Atlantic. © Play4

Play4 marketers themselves couldn’t come up with a better idea. Just as the second season of “Across the Ocean” begins on the channel, Iris Nechelput (38 years old) – girlfriend of Otto-Jan Ham (44) – also has adventures across the Atlantic. The music show host was part of the crew in the first season. “If the wind is right, I’ll see her again in three weeks.”

Wout destiny

Around the same time as the first episode of about the ocean James Cook, Ella Lairs, Elodie Ouedraogo, Jonas Gernert, Aniline Korevets and Geert Verheyen from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia also started the Iris sailing adventure. Since her partner took part in the first season of the reality show at the end of 2019, this sailing trip has also been on her bucket list.

“Some of our friends were doing the same trip, from Lanzarote to Guadeloupe, with the three of us,” Hamm tells us. “But just before they left, one fell ill. They didn’t like it in pairs, so they asked Iris if she wanted to come with them. This was two days ago. Monday morning, about four in the morning, I left in a hurry.”

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And so, especially for her, the boat stopped in Cape Verde. “When will they reach their destination? It will depend on the wind. (Laughs) If it’s any good, I’ll see her again in three weeks at the earliest,” says Hamm. “It’s exciting, especially since she’s never been on a sailboat before. She is actually less prepared than I am. But I have an experienced commander with me, so I’m not too worried.”

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