May 27, 2024

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Miss Universe contestant stunned with her ‘unique dress’, but Pommelien Thijs was already ahead of her

Miss Universe contestant stunned with her ‘unique dress’, but Pommelien Thijs was already ahead of her

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Miss Thailand was impressed with her innovative choice of fashion during her participation in Miss Universe. Anna Sueangham-iam took to the stage in a dress made of soda cans. This was later widely discussed on the Internet. silverSinger Pommelien Thijs turned heads last year when she walked the red carpet for the MIA Museum in a top of the same design.

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Thai beauty Anna Swingam-eam’s recycled dress is a hot topic among Miss Universe fans. Thai designer Manirat was engaged for the design. He has decorated hundreds of tabs by incorporating Swarovski crystals. The rug is an ode to the candidate’s parents, who are garbage collectors.

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Singer and actress Pomelin Theis hit the red carpet last year in a lip gloss made from nearly three hundred soda cans. Minus the Swarovski crystals, but entirely of our own making. “On Tiktok, I saw a handbag made from the lips of a passer-by,” Theis said at the time. “I immediately thought it was a really nice texture.” When I came across a bread basket made from thrift store tabs, I turned it into an original award show outfit.


He said the whole process took about 20 hours #Like me-star. “Just before MIA I still finished it at 2 am, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it,” it sounded. While it wasn’t the most comfortable piece of clothing for walking around all evening, it turned out too late. “The loose wire pieces and the tabs themselves are sharp. I stuffed a tissue between the top and my skin to limit the damage, but it didn’t really help. I’m riddled with small scratches.”

Although Thijs may have wisely left the top in the closet since then, the singer still makes all her clothes herself and works on her tailoring book. “It’s great for me to be busy with different materials and to make new things. Especially if they can be made from waste.” The plastic coating, moss and melt texture have already been reviewed.

Curious to know the original outfit Pommelien Thijs will be attending MIA on Thursday January 26th. The star is nominated for the categories Breakthrough, Dutch, Solo Woman, Hit Of The Year and Videoclip (with her single abnormal).