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Our beer sommelier tastes Average Rob's Rouge beer and the influencer responds: 'The 6.9% alcohol content is no coincidence' |  To eat

Our beer sommelier tastes Average Rob's Rouge beer and the influencer responds: 'The 6.9% alcohol content is no coincidence' | To eat

After internet phenomenon Average Rob launched his own “Tout Bien” brew last year, he will be launching a red beer this year. “We call it the elixir of love,” Rob says. He points to the red color of the beer and the deliberately chosen alcohol content of 6.9%. But will you really fall in love with this taste? HLN beer sommelier Sophie Vanravelgem tastes and judges.

“A rouge is a style of beer that always includes sweet and red fruit beers. “The difference with well-known red beers like sweet kriek is in the alcohol and base beer ratio,” explains Vanravelgem. “Sweet cherries like Lindemans Kriek, Liefmans on the Rocks or Kriek Boon have higher alcohol percentages.” It ranges from 3 to 4 percent. In addition, the base beer for sweet creek is often a wheat, mutton or old brown ale. These are very fresh or soft to very acidic beers, so sweet creeks often have fresh acidity as well as pronounced sweetness, which improves drinkability. Whereas the base beer at Kasteel Rouge, for example, is Kasteel Donker, which tastes very sweet anyway.

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Sophie Vanravelgem tests Average Rob's Tout Bien Rouge beer © ID/Stephen Richardson

Why is this beer style so popular now?

“It was Kasteel Rouge that started this trend. Young people and people in their 20s are especially crazy about it today. The success of Kasteel Rouge ensured that other breweries also decided to launch lipsticks, such as Kwak Rouge and Super 8 Rouge. Only Few have replicated their success so far, let alone given Kasteel Rouge a boost in the market.For fans of this style, Kasteel remains the reference beer within this category.

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Some blushes are sticky and sweet, and you can't experience that at all here.

Sophie Vanravelgem

Taste test

“Tout Bien Rouge” beer is brewed in Brouwerij Martens and contains 6.9% alcohol. What does this our bartender taste like? “The beer sparkles in the glass thanks to its intense, sparkling red color,” says Sophie. “Then you discover a typical blushing nose. You can smell it as soon as you pour the beer: the sweet scent, the famous red sweet scent, known as 'poopkes'. What follows is a distinctly sweet fruity aftertaste. This is a sweet beer, but not an overly sweet beer. Some blushes are sticky and sweet, and you can't experience that at all here. “Tout Bien Rouge” fits perfectly with the beer style, so enthusiasts will definitely not be disappointed. The added advantage is that the beer does not have a very high alcohol content.

Is it recommended or not? “For me, this blush is definitely worth tasting. This beer proves that as a brewer, you don't necessarily have to make a red that's too sweet to be able to succeed in this style of beer. So it effectively has some freshness that goes beyond the sweetness This also increases its drinkability.

Response from Average Rob: “There was a lot of demand for the blush”

We asked Average Rob himself to respond to his beer review: “Since creating Tout Bien and launching our Pils, there has always been a request from our community to launch a lipstick. With that question and our ambitions with Tout Bien, we immediately started searching for the perfect blush “What suits us and our audience. We found it.”

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“There was one condition for me: the beer had to contain 6.9% alcohol. You can't miss such a significant figure for beer that we brew ourselves.Elixir of love“Call it,” he laughs. “Moreover, our red cups are not 33 cl, but a good 34.5 cl. If you take two in there, you will get 69 cl: the elixir of love. The fun is in the details with us. We love this kind.” Easter eggs“.

ID/Stephen Richardson
© ID/Stephen Richardson

Tout Bien Rouge – €1.49 – Available exclusively at Prik&Tik, soon in supermarkets

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