June 21, 2024

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Pack with emojis for Furby's and Erik Van Looy: This was...

Pack with emojis for Furby’s and Erik Van Looy: This was…

Hip Hopper Glints will be performing tonight The smartest person in the world He likes it right away. Not only with his audition talent, but also with his wardrobe. “I also wore such clothes,” recalls jury member Hermann Prosselmanns. “When she was three.”

Desmytere Road

Last night’s winner:

He was only asked to participate at the last minute. Hiphopper Glints didn’t have much prep time, but he went on to win by 355sec.


Arjen Lubach felt the mood when he faced compatriot Merol in the final. “Can someone really start my car?” He asked before the singer brought him home with a correct answer about George Clooney.

Tonight’s newcomer:

Comedian Dina Fahdani.

Best quotes:

Eric Van Lowe: “Glints, you’re a rapper, so I’m going to start rapping with you. Sometimes I also have a sense of humor.”

Jan Jaap van der Waal: “Very often, yes. That’s it tonight.”


Arjen Lubach About texting with Van Lowe: “You always send me a lot of emojis.”

Van der Waal: “Stop sending those eggplants!”


Van der Waal: “I once flew a machete, but I will never do it again.”

The most beautiful moment:

A few hours after he was called up by quizmaster Erik Van Looy, rapper Glints was already in the studio. His dress caught my eye immediately. All white and decorated with forby. “A very cool suit,” says van der Waal. “In the rap scene, these are called pajamas.” “I also wore such clothes,” adds Hermann Prosselmanns. “When I was three years old.”

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