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Painless treatment by dental hygienists Oral Care Brilliant – Rotterdam Advertisement |  The Havenlods

Painless treatment by dental hygienists Oral Care Brilliant – Rotterdam Advertisement | The Havenlods

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Rotterdam – “He's busy at Mondzorg Briljant in Hoogvliet, a trusted name to go to dental hygienist for 10 years. Healthy gums, white teeth and preventing tooth decay is really important for many people.

“We are very excited about our newest dental cleaning device; Airflow!” Dental hygienist Melissa from Mondsorg Brilliant explains: “The Airflow is a device that produces tiny grains of powder with the force of water. These granules ensure that plaque is removed from your teeth in a painless manner, without causing any damage to your teeth. Plaque and discoloration caused by smoking and coffee are removed quickly and painlessly. We have been working with Airflow for a while now and everyone is very satisfied with the result. Airflow is also a great solution for braces, as all the plaque around the braces is removed in a very short time!

Most people brush their teeth twice a day, isn't that enough? So why go to the dental hygienist? “Proper brushing removes about 60% of bacteria”; Melissa says. “In practice, we regularly see that people are motivated to keep their teeth clean, but it is still difficult to get everything right. Residual bacteria, also called plaque, causes tartar, gingivitis and tooth decay. A dental hygienist can provide personalized advice About how to keep your teeth clean and can perform a professional dental cleaning.

Free gum examination

“It's really important to have your dental hygienist examine your gums,” Melissa says. “If you walk around with inflamed gums for a long time, that has direct consequences on the rest of the body. You don't always notice that your gums are inflamed, a dental hygienist can measure that and show it. Additionally, with gingivitis, viruses and bacteria can enter the bloodstream more easily.” , which means you are more susceptible to infection. Dental hygienists specialize in prevention; with comprehensive information, personalized advice and tartar removal, we can solve or prevent many problems. After a professional dental cleaning, teeth become clean and whiter again Indeed, a dental hygienist can make your gums healthier again. Together we ensure that we keep our teeth as long as possible and that we can grow old with our teeth!

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Mondzorg Briljant now offers free chewing gum screening to everyone. If you're concerned about the state of your oral health or what a dental hygienist can do for you, they now offer a free, no-obligation gum exam.

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