May 30, 2024

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This startup wants to deliver anywhere in the world within an hour from space

This startup wants to deliver anywhere in the world within an hour from space

We now have great control over launching things into space. Sending things from space to Earth is something we don't pay much attention to. This company sees a revenue model in this combination.

Inversion Space employs 25 people and owns a plot of land in the desert. They are currently developing and testing two products there, the Arc and the Ray (no, they are not speakers). The first has already been developed so far that it will be launched into space for the first time this year.

The beam looks suspiciously like a flying saucer.

Delivered to your home via space

The purpose of Inversion area It is to develop a vehicle that can deliver something to anywhere on Earth via space. The beam is fired and will deliver its payload through space somewhere on Earth within an hour. The weight that this Ray will soon be able to carry is about 150 kilograms and the vehicle does not have tools to assist the landing. She uses a parachute, but exactly where she will end up is a question mark. The arc is currently still under development and will be able to land more accurately within the area of ​​a football field.

Will we have warehouses in space?

Launching a rocket into space is an expensive endeavor. For this reason this company will focus mainly on clients from the military world and perhaps also on emergency aid. An interesting idea is to use this technology It can be combined with warehouses….in space.

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Suppose an airline loses thousands of dollars per hour when a plane is grounded due to a part running out. By building this inventory in space and being able to launch a capsule with the relevant part at any time, the company can save a lot of costs and inconvenience. Perhaps this would also be a good additional income for astronauts on the International Space Station: packing and delivering packages from space.

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