July 20, 2024

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Pakistan women’s national team member among victims of Italian shipping disaster: ‘Seeking a better life for her son’

Pakistan women’s national team member among victims of Italian shipping disaster: ‘Seeking a better life for her son’

Little by little it is becoming known about the victims of the dramatic shipwreck off the Italian coast last Sunday. Among them is Pakistani Shahida Raza (29), a player in the Pakistani women’s team. She was on her way to Europe with her son to receive medical care, a close friend of Reza’s told CNN and AP.

responsiblesource: CNN

Meanwhile, 67 bodies have already been recovered. On Wednesday morning, the Italian police found the body of a girl. There were 67 migrants on board when the boat sank off the coast of Calabria on Sunday morning.

On board: Shahida Reza, among others. The 29-year-old woman has already played for the Pakistan National Hockey Team. Later I switched to soccer. Success: She played with the women’s national team for her country. Despite her successful sports career – she played for Balochistan United, a women’s club that plays in Pakistan’s top women’s league – and her status as an international player, she has been unable to find work.When her three-year-old son fell ill and she could no longer afford the medical expenses, she decided to come to Europe illegally. This is in hopes of finding a better life here and the needed care for her son, Soumaya Kayanat, a friend of Raza’s, she told CNN and AP. “All we want now is to get her body back,” Kayanat said in an interview with CNN. We don’t know where she is now. Nobody gives us information or tells us what to do.”

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This killer drama is the last piece of Hard Life. Reza was a member of the Shiite Hazara community, an ethnic group persecuted in Pakistan by radical Sunni extremists. According to Kanat, Reza must have been so deep that she would have ventured on that journey. She is afraid of water and even her family is unaware of her plans.

The new shipping disaster has revived the debate, in Italy and the rest of Europe, about the right approach to the migration crisis. “Nobody wants to save them,” La Repubblica reported Wednesday, as the boat was spotted by Frontex aircraft on Saturday night, more than 40 nautical miles from the Italian coast. Two ships were sent to the scene, but they failed to find the boat. A distress call was not received until Sunday morning, when the Carabinieri and Coast Guard were deployed. But when they arrived, the boat had already sunk.