July 21, 2024

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Palestine UN

Palestine UN

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The United Nations General Assembly may today reconsider whether Palestine can become a full member of the UN. A few weeks ago, the UN The proposal was blocked by a US veto in the Security Council. Foreign commentator Bernard Hummelburg expects this to remain the case after the vote in the General Assembly.

The UN General Assembly is expected to hold a vote on Palestinian membership today

Palestine is currently an observer member of the UN, but Palestinians want to become full members. In April, the UN The Security Council voted down the proposal over a US veto. The approval of the UN Security Council is required for Palestine to become a full member state.

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The General Assembly acknowledges that the UN has rejected the proposal, but will still vote on the issue, Hummelburg explains. The council consists of 193 countries, of which approximately 130 support Palestine. “Undoubtedly a resolution will be passed to make Palestine a full member,” says Hammelburg. States cannot use the veto in the General Assembly. UN It follows a demand that the Security Council reconsider their recent vote.

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To make Palestine a full member state of the UN. Hummelburg expects that this will not make a big difference, since the agreement of the Security Council is necessary. The United States is not against Palestinian independence, but says it is possible only in the context of peace negotiations. Additionally, the United States currently feels that what the borders of Palestine are is not very clear. By official definition, Palestine consists of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. But the ongoing conflict in the region is leading to uncertainty.

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According to Irish media, Spain and Ireland will recognize Palestine as a state on May 21. Slovenia has also decided to join. The European Union has the same position as the United States. It is politically significant that these EU member states now want to move away from it, Hummelberg believes. Other EU member states, such as Poland and the Czech Republic, have also recognized Palestine as a state, but did so before they became members of the EU.

The United Nations General Assembly may today reconsider whether Palestine can become a full member of the UN. (Xinhua/Xie E) (ANP/Xinhua News Agency)