July 22, 2024

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American expert Rymer Barth speaks at Bogandale

American expert Rymer Barth speaks at Bogandale

Manusama by Rymer Barth.


Meppel – On Tuesday evening, May 14, Kenneth Manusama, American expert, lawyer and author of the book “Democracy of the Wild West”, visits the Riemer Barth bookstore on the Woldstraat in Meppel. Viewers can discuss today’s America, upcoming elections and political relations there, and their impact on world politics.

Of course, Manusama’s book, in which he painfully exposes how structurally vulnerable the US democratic constitutional state is, is discussed at length. Those interested can register at the store and through the bookstore’s website.

A new war

With the US presidential elections coming up, relations in America have never been so tense. What’s at stake in the new war between Joe Biden and Donald Trump? Both say that the survival of the country is in question. Kenneth Manusama explains not only how elections work, but also where the tensions come from, why democracy in America continues to be at risk, and why that risk has now peaked.

Kenneth Manusama (1972) is an American lawyer and scholar. He received his PhD from the Vrije University in Amsterdam and has taught at various universities in the Netherlands and New York. He now teaches US constitutional law. His book “Wild West Democracy” has been in stores since early March, a book about law, racism and religion, a democracy under pressure.

On Tuesday evening, May 14 at 8pm (entry from 7:30pm), Kenneth Manusama will visit Rhymer Barth Pogandale for a talk. Visitors can ask their questions and of course have the option to buy his very informative book, signed or not. You can register this evening in store or via Boekhandlerriemer.nl

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