July 21, 2024

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Will crypto influence the upcoming elections in the US?

Will crypto influence the upcoming elections in the US?

A survey found that one in five think crypto is an important issue in the US elections in November. There are many speculations about this.


An online survey was conducted by DCG. He found that more than 20% of voters in many swing states see crypto as an important issue. Mainly in the upcoming US elections. Donald Trump is already playing a key role in this.

DCG is a large global investor that builds, buys and supports blockchain companies.

They are now joined by The Harris Poll in a survey of 1,201 registered voters. Voters from Michigan, Ohio, Montana, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona.

It is to examine states’ attitude towards digital currencies and financial systems in the run-up to elections.

The poll is the latest sign that crypto is increasingly becoming a voting issue, with more politicians on both sides of the debate willing to support or condemn crypto.


It is special to see that crypto is very prominent in the important positions already mentioned above.

One in three voters with “crypto-positive” views believe politicians should prioritize crypto regulation.

“This data shows that crypto is high on the agenda for voters in the states concerned. And a pro-crypto stance is a net gain for policymakers and candidates.

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Julie Stitzel, DCG’s senior vice president of policy, said in a statement.

“The survey also highlights a strong desire among policymakers to enact fair regulations that protect consumers without stifling innovation.”

The data comes at a time when crypto companies and influential advocates are increasingly vocal about the political risks of crypto.

For example, in October, Potential Voters helped raise more than $2 million for the Coinbase-led nonprofit Stand With Crypto. It aims to influence state and federal crypto policy.

How will this play out further or get out of hand?

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