June 21, 2024

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Pallieterland Immunization Center staff receive thanks... (Lier)

Pallieterland Immunization Center staff receive thanks… (Lier)

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First Line District Pallieterland organized a thank-you party for staff and volunteers at the Lierse Vaccination Center Thursday evening. But their work is not over yet.

Chris Van Rompuy

Lierse Mayor Frank Bogarts (N-VA) thanked them on behalf of his colleagues from Berlaar, Duffel, Nijlen and Ranst. “I have taken 159,908 shots here, sometimes up to 13,000 shots per week. Thus, the vaccination coverage for fully vaccinated people in our primary care area is 96% among those over 65 years of age (95% in Flanders), and 93 % among those over 18 years of age (91% in Flanders) and 82% among the entire population (79% in Flanders).

Unfortunately, 1,577 people refused to be vaccinated. I am deeply sorry for such a situation. Then the chance of getting infected is much higher, and the chance that you’ll end up in the hospital too, with hospital beds overcrowded in the intensive ward. This often led to a forced postponement of vital processes. I can talk about it as a result of open-heart surgery.”

© Patrick de Roo

“Today we would like to thank all those working in this vaccination campaign in our primary care district, both professionals and volunteers, with a great party. I worked 46,300 hours in 12,100 shifts. At least 1,700 volunteers have been registered, well distributed over the five municipalities In the percentage and 67% of all shifts were performed by volunteers,” Mayor Frank Bogarts said.

Fantastic band

One of those volunteers is David Clough of Lair. “Because I work in healthcare myself, I received my first vaccination in February. It happened at the hospital, on a Saturday by volunteers. I felt so privileged then that I wanted to give back. When the city launched the call for volunteers for the Pallieterland Vaccination Center, I didn’t hesitate.”

“I have committed to doing two shifts a week, and usually it has worked. I am glad I did this volunteer work. We were with a really great gang and got to know a lot of new people. By the way, I will be staying as a volunteer in the coming months, but at the new location of the vaccination center, on a ball field foot in Lierse”.

David Claw.

David Claw. © rr

© Patrick de Roo

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