November 30, 2023

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Workshop technician

Workshop technician

He begins immediately: “It will neither advance nor retreat. There is no way to move the tractors anymore.” The sun is shining and it will rain tonight. As an agriculture enthusiast, you understand better than anyone that this is a major setback that he can’t get into the field right now and that the farmer you’re calling is very disappointed by this and the impatience in his voice is annoying but understandable and a solution needs to be found ASAP Client Another is that in the meantime, when you enter the workshop, you point in a friendly way to a colleague who you know can get along very well, and you ask the farmer who is still talking on the phone where he thinks things are going wrong and then you walk towards him. Service Bus This requires an immediate solution, which is why you should go directly to it.

We are looking for someone who has a technical vision and enjoys customer contact. Would you like to combine your passion for technology and agriculture in your business? Then we are looking for you!

Always one step ahead

The history of Van der Sluis Technical Companies, of which Van der Sluis Agri is a part, dates back to 1934. Over 85 years ago, Van der Sluis was founded as a farrier and wagon maker, with a village shop in Genemuiden. Over the years, the company has grown into an organization with about 700 employees.

With the three branches of installation, construction and agriculture, Van der Sluis has become a trusted partner in a variety of fields. Colleagues in these industries have their own technical knowledge, but they also have a lot in common. They all offer reliability, experience and quality. In the case of Agri, we combine this with an additional passion for agriculture (mechanization) and livestock farming (technology)!

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What does your work day look like?

The day starts at 7:30 am in the cafeteria, where you briefly discuss with your colleagues what happened yesterday and what needs to be done today. Although planning is done in theory, things often work differently in practice. If a part breaks somewhere, it has a big impact, because tractors are used professionally and commercially.

With robotics and the latest technologies increasingly being added to tractors, it is important to stay up to date on technological developments.

Although every customer naturally considers their issue important, you know what really takes priority. This is why it is essential that you can set priorities correctly.

Can you imagine yourself in the workshop, working on successful solutions? This is great, because things get more interesting for you below.

What comes to the fore in your position?

As an agricultural workshop technician, you get a lot of variety in your work. You have a lot of communication with the workshop manager. Like to share your knowledge. With other mechanics but also with student mechanics. You are always solution-oriented. Resolving complex faults gives you satisfaction in your work.

What are you aiming for?

As a workshop technician at Van der Sluis Agri, you strive for quality, customer satisfaction and professionalism. Your help is often asked for when it is needed most. Your good service and good communication is important. Thanks to you, tasks are carried out quickly and accurately but also in the correct order of priority so that farmers can use their machines and equipment again as quickly as possible.

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What we ask from you:

  • Complete education at MBO level 3 or MBO level 4.
  • Good communication skills, you have regular contact with clients.
  • – Knowledge and affinity with agricultural mechanization and livestock farming techniques.

Do you have these competencies?

  • Technical skills. You are able to understand, maintain and repair agricultural machinery and equipment.
  • Ability to solve problems. If something breaks, you want to know what happened so you can come up with a good solution.
  • Customer focus with little pressure resistance. You like to help others, so that someone can get back to work quickly.

What do you get from us?

  • Fun and challenging 40 hour per week job.
  • A good salary of between 2,500 and 3,200 euros in total, tailored to your knowledge and experience.
  • More than enough opportunities to develop yourself. We are happy to invest in your progress.
  • Net travel allowance of 0.21 euros per kilometre.
  • 25 vacation days, 8% holiday pay and 13 ATV days per year.
  • Everything you need for a fun work day.
  • And last but not least: great colleagues and space for personal initiative.

Why don’t you want to miss this? because:

  • You can perfectly express your passion for technology and agriculture.
  • You are part of an informal team in a growing company with short lines of communication.
  • You have the space to use your experience and at the same time continue to grow professionally.

Does this vacancy make your heart beat faster? Then don’t wait too long to apply and get that job before someone else runs away with it.

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