December 7, 2022

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Paving gives way to the green play space at 't Kraaiennest (Dendermonde)

Paving gives way to the green play space at ‘t Kraaiennest (Dendermonde)

Kraaiennest kids are spoiled for choice when it comes to play options. © svov


The municipality’s primary school ‘t Kraaiennest stadium in Grembergen has undergone a complete transformation in two stages. Now that everything is ready, they will be opened in the neighborhood outside of school hours.

Steve Van Overstreetten

In 2018-2019, a participatory process was conducted with the Parents and Children Council and other primary school stakeholders. This resulted in a plan after ideas were collected and detailed. The City of Dendermonde subsequently submitted a support file to call for projects for movement-friendly and shared school playgrounds. Then the entire stadium was redeveloped in stages.

“In the first phase, the backyard adjacent to Hagewijk Park was recreated. Play hills were formed, surrounded by valleys,” said Alderman of Public Works Lynn Derek (CD&V). “This is to keep the wetland dry for longer in the winter months, even Children can play there for a longer period of time.”

Paving on the bulldozer

The second phase was completed in August. “We dismantled the paved stadium, and a total of 430 square meters of pavement was repaired,” according to director Anneke Gabriël. “Three integrated sports fields have been allocated. Now there is plenty of tennis, volleyball, football and basketball to play. There is also free space for free play or other sports.”

The goal is for local sports associations as well as youth and children from the neighborhood to come in to exercise and play on the field after school hours. It will be accessed through the red gate in Hagewijk Park.

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