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Perfect WiFi signal everywhere in and around your home: This is how Mesh helps and this is what you pay for |  MyGuide

Perfect WiFi signal everywhere in and around your home: This is how Mesh helps and this is what you pay for | MyGuide

mytelcoYou may notice: Although you have an internet subscription that should provide you with adequate speed, your WiFi signal and associated internet speed sometimes leaves something to be desired in certain places in and around your home. This is entirely possible, as high internet speeds do not necessarily guarantee good coverage. Mesh WiFi offers a solution to this. Mijntelco.be Explains exactly what that means.

By Felix Ferret, in collaboration with Mijntelco


What is a mesh network?

This is a network of different Wi-Fi points that are scattered throughout your home and together they guarantee perfect coverage. By working together wirelessly and thus increasing the WiFi range in your home, you reduce one of your router’s biggest drawbacks: the limited maximum range from your router’s fixed location in your home.

For example, if your router is located next to the power box near the front door of your home, there’s a good chance that WiFi range will be virtually non-existent once you’re in the garden or attic. In addition, there are also many obstacles that can interfere with the WiFi signal, such as walls and ceilings.

Avoid poor WiFi connection at home? With these six tips, you can surf the internet smoothly everywhere.

A combination of the main router and WiFi hubs

To be clear: With a mesh network, your main router is kept. After all, it is connected to your modem. But you can also put several WiFi hubs in your home that will pick up the WiFi signal and redirect it in amplified form. These hubs or ‘nodes’ work closely together to provide Smart WiFi in your home.

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The principle is almost the same as that of WiFi repeaters, except that they lack a number of smart functions, such as the ability to make your own assessment about the distribution of Internet speed in your home. For example: the laptop that someone is video chatting on requires more bandwidth than a smart doorbell. The network connection will give priority to the laptop.

What are the pros and cons?

An added advantage – in addition to good coverage everywhere in your home – is that the mesh grille is easy to install and easy to expand with additional hubs. All of your devices will also automatically switch to the best Wi-Fi spot in your home.

A few caveats: Mesh systems are expensive, and like any wireless solution, a mesh network is not immune to interference and snags. The placement of the hubs is important and still is important to get a good internet speed.

Helpful advice: With an Internet subscription from this list, you can save up to 300 € per year.

systems on the market

Grid systems are gaining popularity. Hence, major players such as Google, Asus, Netgear, and Linksys have launched their own systems. But there are also many specialized service providers, such as Ubiquiti, that focus entirely on network systems. It is available in different price ranges.

There are currently no really cheap solutions on the market, so you will have to shell out a few hundred euros for most systems. On average, the solutions of major players such as Google and Asus are slightly cheaper, but they are also limited in functionality.

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Telecom players get involved

Telecom players active in the Belgian market have also jumped on the mesh bandwagon.

Even offers Telenet With Telenet 360 ° a smart WiFi system that adapts to how you set up your devices in your home. Customers can install one or more compartments (hubs). You pay €3 per month per pod and are currently enjoying a temporarily free offer for the first 3 months.

also Proximus Offering a mesh solution, the first free WiFi booster in various flex packages. Otherwise you will pay 2.99 per month.

Wi-Fi Comfort Cart orange You also have from 3 euros per month.

Download speed also determines how smooth your browsing will be: Check out the ten fastest internet subscriptions on the market here and find the best rate.

picture of the total cost

Thus, our country’s largest telecom service providers charge about the same price as the cost of adding a network option to your home internet formula. The most interesting from a financial point of view seems to be Orange’s home Internet, which is 46 euros per month for unlimited Internet with speeds up to 150 Mbps.

Previous comparisons of Mijntelco.be It showed that the Internet from Telenet, Orange or Proximus does not always give you the best value for money, and that the offer of smaller operators such as edpnet or Mobile Vikings is often more interesting. This is why you should look at the full picture. For example, you could invest the money you save annually with a cheaper subscription to a powerful mesh network from a specialized provider.

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You can save a lot of money every year, especially in the segment of internet subscriptions with faster speeds. For example, home internet via fiber from Mobile Vikings will cost you €55 per month. For comparison: in Telenet you pay 77.04 euros for it. By choosing Mobile Vikings, you can save about €265 per year, if your home has a fiber connection, ie.

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