July 25, 2024

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Peter Vandenbempt: “There are many reasons to believe that Club Brugge will no longer hand this over”

Peter Vandenbempt: “There are many reasons to believe that Club Brugge will no longer hand this over”

With 19 points out of 21, Club Brugge leads the competition for the national title. Peter Vandenemppt sees Nicky Hine put together a team. Read and listen to weekly analysis from our football commentator here.

Club Brugge and Dame Fortuna

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Club Brugge

Club Brugge is the new leader. There are several reasons why we think she won’t be delivering this anymore.

Because things are bad with Dim Fortuna, for example. Every time the price of the coin fell well, even in Florence where they could have lost by much larger numbers.

The club also has some luck in the playoffs. Outdoors, they took the lead three times with a bit of luck, which of course makes a difference.

Antwerp could have received a second penalty yesterday, but it was not called. That wasn’t too bad for Club Brugge.

Nicky Hayne first put together a team: a team that doesn’t break when the club gets tough.

Peter Vandenemppt

Ronnie Dilla must be going crazy. During his time, Club Brugge often lost due to bad luck.

Although this is only part of the explanation. Nicky Hayne first put together a team: a team that doesn’t break when the club gets tough. This is a big difference from the previous one.

Club Brugge now plays football with a great competitive mentality, plays well in the blocks and has class. Hans Vanaken leads the way, Thiago is very solid and guys like Skov Olsen shine.

No matter how you look at it: players are playing better football now and are in better shape than they were before Hayne’s tenure. The coach has something to do with it.

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19 out of 21 is not normal and Club Brugge is facing a very important week. In Europe, I thought Fiorentina were a lot stronger in the first leg.

It could have been over already, but it wasn’t over yet. At home, Club Brugge can put things right and reach the conference league final.

After that, Al-Ittihad will be able to eliminate one of its competitors in the title fight. Although he can also miss twice.

Terrible poop, but ready to fight

Antwerp struggled badly in these qualifiers. However, the outgoing national champion will have a good feeling about the defeat to Club Brugge (1-2).

If the referee had done his job, Antwerp would have deserved a point. Now there has been annoyance and frustration, but that could generate energy for Thursday’s cup final against Union.

I thought Toby Alderweireld’s criticism of the referees was inappropriate and incorrect. The referees aren’t having a big blast at all in these playoffs. They reach a higher level than Antwerp.

However, the way Alderweireld did it, in the first post-match emotion viewed through Antwerp’s glasses, makes it entirely plausible.

The referees aren’t having a big blast at all in these playoffs. They have reached a higher level than Antwerp.

Peter Vandenemppt

I think Antwerp’s performance against the team of that moment was promising. You saw a lot of intensity, a lot of dedication and good organization.

But the team suffers, not for the first time this season, from a lack of quality in ball possession. To create great opportunities, it lacks creativity.

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With 3 out of 21 and a terrible result, but to me it seems that Antwerp is ready for the battle with Union for the cup.

Then Antwerp and Mark van Bommel can shake hands and say goodbye in peace. Who knows, with the award after a difficult season.

Mark van Bommel

Will Mark van Bommel bid farewell to Antwerp with another cup win?

Best away match for Anderlecht

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As the first of the three at the top, Union’s fate was no longer in his hands. He was unable to win his home match, while Anderlecht could have delivered the final blow.

That’s why the disappointment after a 0-0 result will be a little greater in Union than in Anderlecht. You can deduce this from the players’ words and body language.

If Anderlecht beat Genk and Klopp at home, they won’t give it away. Although that’s easier said than done.

Peter Vandenemppt

Anderlecht have lost their lead, but have reasons to feel good about the game against Union.

I thought it was the Purple & White’s best away game of this playoff, and one of the best home games of this playoff.

Anderlecht started with courage and initiative. It looked completely different than at Club Brugge or Racing Genk. Delaney and Ashimeru played a very good match, but unlike lesser matches, Anderlecht were not effective yesterday. Otherwise he would have won the Derby.

To clarify: I believe a draw is a correct result. The final stage was in favor of Union, which exerted pressure and caused problems for Anderlecht. Nelson received the game ball, but did not use it.

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Anderlecht now faces two home matches against Genk and Club Brugge. It’s easier said than done, but if you win these matches, I don’t think you’ll lose them on the final day of the match (in Busoy).

Sweeping in your gens

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Circle Brugge

KRC Genk

Cercle Brugge are emerging as a very serious candidate for fourth place and European football. Unlike many matches, the club played good football against Genk, with Le Marchal shining.

At Club Brugge, they will already be looking at the final day of the match. Will the derby be the title? They will find it very interesting at Cercle.

KRC Genk’s free fall is completely inexplicable. The away games in Bruges in particular were exciting. Genk made childish mistakes, which were easily overcome and there was nothing left of the conviction he had in the first matches.

The fickleness and mental fragility of this heart are striking. Maybe next summer there should be a comprehensive survey of the player’s core? Just a new coach won’t be enough.

Peter Vandenemppt