May 31, 2024

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Peter Vandenemppt: “If Union also loses to Club Brugge, things will not go well”

Peter Vandenemppt: “If Union also loses to Club Brugge, things will not go well”

With three consecutive defeats, Union must give up its lead to Anderlecht for the first time since last October. Analyst Peter Vandenbempt has not heard the death knell ringing yet, but he sees no other option for the people of Brussels than to beat Club Brugge on Sunday.

“First leadership position since 2018”

Jupiler Professional League



Anderlecht finally managed to get the better of Union and immediately took the lead.

Whether that is also the favorite big title? This is still a bit early. At most, the first title is preferred because it is now in the lead.

Anderlecht have given themselves a huge boost. You can see it in everything: the reactions on the pitch, in the stands… Coach Brian Rimmer sprinted onto the field, just as Mark van Bommel did with Toby Alderweireld's winning goal last year.

It's understandable: they couldn't win 9 games against Union, and lost 8 of them. They were also down by 10 points, but won after the fight.

It is Anderlecht's first leadership position since the summer of 2018. DiMata and Santini then had to fight a scissor battle in order to be allowed a penalty. So you will be satisfied with less.

Anderlecht must play better football in the coming weeks and create more chances.

Peter Vandenemppt

Anderlecht also deserve credit for the way they – unlike Club Brugge and Antwerp – went at full speed from kick-off. Al-Shada, fully engaged in a duel, entered into battle with the Union.

And also praise for his efficiency: 4 real chances for a goal and two goals. After the end of the first half there was almost one time in the Al-Ittihad rectangle and they won immediately. My mistake was punished by the Union mercilessly.

In this difficult second half with one player less, the adults are still standing. Schmeichel, who – I think – has received a lot of criticism this season, was important with some saves and his presence. Delaney, Vertonghen, and Ritts all keep their cool.

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Anderlecht must play better football in the coming weeks and create more chances. In this sense, Thorgan Hazard's retirement is a minor disaster. It is very important that Jari Verschauren, his replacement, recovers quickly.

Because Anderlecht's fortunes are still fragile. However, they win their home games. This is essential in the Champions Qualifiers. Now you just have to pick something out every now and then, starting with not losing at Genk on Saturday and then you'll still be on schedule.


“A negative precedent for the union”

The Union had been invincible for months, but had now lost three times. I think there is no need to sound the death knell yet.

He doesn't play football like a club that no longer knows what to do. They were also Anderlecht's top team for a long time yesterday. Naturally, this also had something to do with his plus-man status.

However, Union could have won the past two games, including against Circle. But the dime, which has so often fallen out of their favor this season, is now falling to the other side.

What coach Alexander Pilsen also said: They concede goals very easily. Goalkeeper Anthony Morris has made 3 fatal errors in the last 4 matches.

Noah Siddiqui then spoke about a certain tension in the team. Too much turbulence, leading to low ball quality, even among the best players. Because there were not many clear opportunities: let's say 2, with some risk of recessionary phases.

Al-Ittihad didn't really play well against ten players. In fact, all the substitutes were disappointed, not just Terho because of his mistake.

Although Union's performance is not bad at all, the harsh reality still takes its toll.

Peter Vandenemppt

Although Union's performance is not bad at all, the harsh reality still takes its toll. He did not win in 5 matches, and lost 3 times in a row.

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This is the first time since Union has returned to football at the highest level. For the first time since October 1, the party is no longer a leader. There is work to do this week.

One thing is certain: if Union loses again at home to Club Brugge on Sunday, things will not go well anymore.


“The transformation of the club is unbelievable.”

Jupiler Professional League

Club Brugge


Club Brugge is experiencing the opposite of Union: half a season in crisis and now in a state of flux after a 3-0 win over Antwerp.

They will not express the dream of the title yet, but of course it exists. The transformation the club has gone through in almost 3 weeks is unbelievable. After the defeat to STVV, nothing was possible for the club, and now perhaps everything.

There is spirit and belief in the team and in the game again. Strength and confidence… that's the big difference under Nicky Hine.

It is certainly not the case that Club Brugge is suddenly in great form. Don't exaggerate either, it wasn't the Champions League match against Antwerp either. It was a rather terrible game, but Hans Vanakken rightly pointed out that they are now making the most of their moments.

No more mistakes are made. Club Brugge can suddenly defend again and hold on to the result. I played football in streaming.

Surprisingly, the result in Greece will help determine the club's title chances.

Peter Vandenemppt

In a week's time we will know how strong the club really is, because in a strange twist of fate they play their four matches under Heine at the Jan Breidel Stadium.

Now you have to go to Thessaloniki against PAOK, then against Union in Dudenpark.

Surprisingly, the result in Greece will help determine the club's title chances.

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Then I point out what happened 9 years ago, when the club played its last European quarter-final against Dnipro in Kiev. I've always been told that after an elimination the players looked depressed in the locker room.

This gave the team a blow that had a negative impact in the title fight against AA Gent. So we will see you on Thursday in Thessaloniki.


“Football in Circle must remain within limits.”

Jupiler Professional League

KRC Genk

Circle Brugge

In Genk they certainly dreamed after that strong start, but they collided with Cercle Brugge. 5 out of 9 for Cercle against Club Brugge, Union and Genk. This is definitely a punishment.

Coach Miron Muslić keeps his word: Cercle is playing its part in these qualifiers, congratulations. Although I have one reservation about this. She plays her own football, a long-ball football, a lot of pressing, duels…

They fly in and there's nothing wrong with that, but of course it has to stay within limits. I can't understand how there was kicking here and there at the end. There should be stricter action against this.

We've been there before: one mistake and another loss of points for Genk.

Peter Vandenemppt

It's a very sad loss of points for KRC Genk. I think they played a very good first half. It went well against Circle, which was difficult to play.

Even when things got tougher after half-time, there wasn't really anything wrong, but you can't make mistakes. We were suddenly faced with a previous incident: one mistake, another loss of points for Genk, and a great opportunity wasted.

Nothing is lost. On Saturday against Anderlecht, Genk can get back into the title race, but it would be a shame if they spend the entire summer reflecting and regretting what they left behind.