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KAA Gent lost to OH Leuven, and the European qualifiers suddenly became exciting again

KAA Gent lost to OH Leuven, and the European qualifiers suddenly became exciting again

Oh lovin'

She sang

  1. 11' – continued. Federico Ricca by Joel Shengtian
  2. 23' – Goal – Matteo Mertens (1 – 0)
  3. 24' – Yellow – Ismail Kandous
  4. 25' – Goal – Matias Fernandes (1 – 1)
  5. 37' – Goal – Matteo Mertens (2 – 1)
  6. 45+3' – Yellow – Matteo Mertens
  1. 52' – Yellow – Jordan Torunarigga
  2. 69' – Continue. Youssef Maziz by Kento Misao
  3. 69' – Continue. Matteo Mertens by Jonathan Braut Brunis
  4. 70' – continued. Archie Brown by Peter Jerkins
  5. 81' – continued. Julien de Sart by Sven Combs
  6. 81' – continued. Tariq Tisodale Written by Frank Surdes
  7. 87' – Continue. John Dagur Thorstenson Written by Nashon Nsenji
  8. 87' – Continue. Franco Rosso by Florian Miguel
  9. 90+2' – Yellow – Takahiro Akimoto
  10. 90+3' – Continue. Jordan Torunariga by Jorthy Mukio

Jupiler Pro League – Round 3 – 04/14/24 – 19:18

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Matthew Mertens


Matthew Mertens

1 – 0


Matias Fernandez

1 – 1

Matias Fernandez



Matthew Mertens


Matthew Mertens

2 – 1

In no case will KAA Gent get a win in the European qualifiers. The Buffaloes suffered their first defeat when they visited Ohio Louvain. Matteo Mertens was the match winner with two goals. Ghent sees KV Mechelen as close to one point.

Oh lovin – ka gent in short:

  • Key moment: Deep into the second half, Matias Fernandez Pardo was able to score the (deserved) equalizer with his right foot. He wants to do it very well and throws it away weakly.
  • Man of the match: Captain Matteo Mertens was the winner of the match for Leuven with two amazing goals.
  • statistics: Hein Vanhaezebrouck has never lost to OH Leuven at the highest level, and that changed tonight. For the OHL this is the first ever victory against KAA Gent at home.
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The lead roles of Martinez and Fernandez Pardo

Scoring 8 goals in their first two matches, AA Gent have made an excellent start to their European qualifiers. But scoring at Den Drif Stadium in Leuven suddenly became more difficult for the Buffaloes.

Just a minute later, Gandelmann – despite being in good form – was unable to miss a chance from close range, but he did so anyway. De Sart, Tissoudali and Samoise also put Leysen into action early.

Somewhat surprisingly, the goal was scored on the other side. Face to face with Ruff, Mertens did not fail.

The home team couldn't enjoy the lead for long because Fernandes Pardo almost immediately took advantage of Leysin's poor kick. Not long after, the Belgian-Spaniard made it 2-1 at his feet, but now the leather was shattered on the crossbar.

Against the flow of play, the OHL team repeatedly took the lead and it was Maertens who scored from the turn. Before half-time, the Leuven captain almost scored a hat-trick, but was unable to slip in from close range.

Things went well back and forth in the second half, but there were no clear chances. Only after substitute Brones made it 3-1 offside did the visitors wake up again. At the end of extra time, Fernandez Pardo broke through again, but this time he shot the ball weakly over the goal.

The score remained 2-1 and KV Mechelen in particular must be happy about that. Next week he could take first place in a direct match with AA Gent.

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  • Oscar Garcia (OHL coach): “I am very happy that we beat the best team in these European qualifiers. The mentality of my players was very good, even though we are playing almost for nothing. We played to win and that we should always do.”
  • Heine Vanhaysbrouck (Coach AA Gent): “We lacked some quality today and also had some setbacks. We had to go into halftime leading, but the OHL team finished the game with 100%. After halftime we tried to turn things around, but we had the ability to take it.” There are some moments, but the ball does not go into the net. The more efficient team wins, and that will often be the case next week against KV Mechelen.


Stage after stage


Michael Allerts finished his first game of the playoffs. Sees the OHL team's 2-1 win over AA Gent, which deserved more.

Samoise rash

Samoise takes his shot at the drop ball. The skin ends with the head of the Ghent spy.

Young Mokio immediately participates in the game of Ghent. He sends a cross towards the goal, but it misses.

In extra time, 16-year-old Vanhaysbrouck throws Mocchio to the Lions. Torunarigha comes down on the other side.

Fernandez Pardo wants to do it very well

The equalizer was now suddenly up in the air, and once again Fernandes Pardo was dangerous. Only on goal does he throw the ball weakly.

There's AA reaped. Lessin has to do everything he can to receive a good cross from Fernandez Pardo, but he hits the ball accurately over his cage.

No goal!

Wim Smit and his team at Tubize took a long time to reach a decision, but Leuven's goal did not count. The Norwegian alternative was just one shoe offside.

3-1 (or not?)

The OHL ended it on the table. Thorsteinsson passes the ball accurately to Brunes, who scores a brilliant 3-1 over Roef. Did the Norwegian start offside or not? Now VAR will have to decide.

Akimoto aims for more

Finally another clear goal opportunity for the home team. Akimoto was found in the middle in front of goal by Sagrado, but his shot went just over Roofe's goal.

Ten minutes before the end, Vanhaysbrouck brought in two new forces with Sordes and Combs. The game was over for De Sart and Tissodale.