April 16, 2024

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Peugeot introduces E-308 hatchback and station wagon with 54 kWh battery – picture and sound – News

Peugeot introduced the electric versions of the 308 and 308 SW. These are respectively a hatchback and a wagon. Both models will have a 54 kWh battery. The manufacturer talks about a range of more than 400 km.

It is not clear whether the WLTP range of more than four hundred kilometers applies to both models, or only to the hatchback. Obviously, the SW station wagon will travel less than the hatchback, because the station wagon will be longer and therefore heavier than the hatchback.

says Peugeot That both models will have a 54 kWh battery, of which 51 kWh has a usable capacity. These 400-volt batteries have a new chemical formula consisting of eighty percent nickel, 10 percent manganese, and 10 percent cobalt. The manufacturer also spoke of an average power consumption of 12.7 kWh per hundred kilometers, again noting that this probably applies only to the hatchback.

Models will receive a new engine for Peugeot, one that generates 115 kW or 156 hp and a torque of 260 Nm. Vehicles come standard with a three-stage charger that can charge vehicles with a maximum of 11 kW. The manufacturer does not say what power the cars can quickly charge, but 100 kW seems to be the maximum that can be achieved. Peugeot says cars equipped with such a fast charger can charge from 20 to 80 percent in less than 25 minutes.

The 308 line is not new to Peugeot; Last year, the company unveiled the third generation. As the company mentioned earlier Want to make electrical variants of 308But he did not give details after that. The cars use the EMP2 platform, which is a platform originally developed for cars with combustion engines. The manufacturer says, among other things, that it has adapted the aerodynamics, especially the front and bottom, for the electric powertrain, and it also says it has taken the vehicle’s weight into account. Peugeot has developed new 18-inch aluminum wheels for its E-308 models, which are aerodynamically efficient, according to the manufacturer.

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There are not yet many relatively inexpensive electric station wagons. Now it is MG 5 for saleThis costs at least 34,585 euros and 320 kilometers comes on a 50.3 kWh battery. With the more expensive 61.1 kWh battery, the car can drive 400 km. This model costs at least 37,585 euros. Peugeot has not yet announced pricing for the E-308 models, but says they will be available in the middle of next year. It is not clear when they will come to the Netherlands or Belgium.