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Phenomenon sadness: the insufferable Mbappe gets support from President Macron after a crazy final |  world Cup of football

Phenomenon sadness: the insufferable Mbappe gets support from President Macron after a crazy final | world Cup of football

So much frustration from the French tonight. With Olivier Giroud and Ousmane Dembele prematurely replaced, as well as with Kylian Mbappe. That was after losing world CupInconsolable final.

a look. Such was the experience of the bloody World Cup final in France and Argentina

Sunday evening, just before 8 p.m. Wherever you are, in what company, or in whatever condition you are, there is no doubt that an electric shock has passed through you. Person in charge: Kylian Mbappe. Invisible for three quarters of a match, only to turn one of the world’s most watched sports competitions on its head. superhero. Before she knew what was happening, the 23-year-old Parisian suddenly slammed the ball past Martinez against the ropes. The returns of the returns are taken into account in the composition, setting, and the interests of the number 10 on the other side and its people.

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After one and two hours of penalty kicks, Son of the Gods collapsed into chaos. And the giant duel rollercoaster took another big swing. Messi again became the finalist. ‘C’est dommage’, it looked so dry when President Emmanuel Macron helped him to his feet. low. Never before has a country that scored three goals lost in a World Cup final. Not to mention that you scored all three goals yourself. “Larmes fatales” was the title of L’Équipe. Meanwhile, Mbappe has been stretched out in the Lusail Stadium dugout. Gazing across the plain is full of Argentine joy.

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Despite his exploits, losing the World Cup final is another huge disappointment for Mbappe. “Une final irrationnelle et cruelle”, was the headline in Le Parisien, the newspaper from his hometown. “An irrational and cruel finale.” After five ignominious eliminations with PSG in the Champions League, including losing the final against Bayern Munich, this World Cup final is undoubtedly the toughest. He threw in a unique opportunity just before his 24th birthday, while building the feat of being forever.

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There is no shortage of consolation prizes. The FIFA World Cup Golden Boot award, for example. Mbappe scored eight goals in recent weeks, although, of course, he would have preferred to outdo Messi in another area in the extreme. As of last night, he has scored 12 goals in the first two World Cups. Good for scoring at the age of 23. By the way, his hat-trick in the final was the first since Geoff Hurst achieved it in 1966. And to say that he barely touched the ball 11 times before half-time. He is usually on the left side, often with his back to the goal. As if he had been left in the locker room. Just before the hour mark it was so deep he sold De Paul a rare good ankle tap.

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By then, the final match of the World Cup had turned into a nightmare. Two strange twists later, this was the case again: “Kylian made his mark in this final, but not with the desired result,” saw national coach Didier Deschamps. “After the game he was very sad…just like all the players.”

Kolo Mwani

The French national team has yet to win a second consecutive World Cup, and thus not Deschamps. He could write history – only the coach of the Italian national team, Vittorio Pozzo, managed to lift the World Cup twice in a row, in 1934 and 1938: “At the last second we have une balle de Coupe du monde,” Deschamps recalled the match with a ball from Kolo Moani. Who missed Martinez head-on – the penalty kick was saved by the goalkeeper. “I’m so sad with my employees. Whether it’s physical or psychological, I don’t know what it is. There simply wasn’t competition for over an hour. The fact that we came back from a losing situation afterwards makes it even more painful.”


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The fact that France was back in the game at all was because of Deschamps as well as Mbappe. Before the break, Giroud and Dembélé were both escorted to the side. Substitute Thuram and especially Kolo Mwani eventually contributed to this shift. Camavinga also contributed: “The youngsters have proven they can handle the level despite the lack of international experience.”

There was no confirmation whether Deschamps would continue with the promising generation: “I will not respond to that tonight. The result has nothing to do with it. At the beginning of January I have a meeting with the President (Le Graite editor) and after that you’ll know. For the French, it will be a slight return to Paris. Although with Mbappe on Sunday night there will undoubtedly be more chances.


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Macron: “Les Bleus” made us dream of a title

Macron was also grieved. “The blue ball made us dream,” Macron wrote on Twitter from the stands of Lusail Stadium in Qatar. Then the president climbed onto the podium on the field to attend the awards ceremony.

Macron traveled to Doha to attend the World Cup final. He brought in international player Christopher Nkunku, among others, who was injured before the start of the World Final Tour. Ex-soccer players Alain Giresse, Bruno Cheroux and Laure Beaulieu also boarded a plane with Macron, as did referee Stephanie Frappart, boxing champion Brahim Asloom and judo legend Teddy Renner.

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