April 17, 2024

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Red Lions continue to win in World Cup preparations and also defeat Spain | Save the lions

The Red Lions will defend their world title next month in India (January 13-29). At the preparatory stage in Andalusia, Spain, they completed a series of practice matches. Here you can find the results.

Practice matches
Belgium South Korea 6-2
Belgium Wells 7-2
Belgium Japan 4-2
Belgium Spain 5-0
Belgium Germany religion
  1. 22 hours 01. Spain is also seeking the ax. The Red Lions (FIH-2) continue to win together in the run-up to the World Cup. In San Fernando (Andalusia), Spain (FIH-8) lost 5-0 on Sunday night. Tanguy Cousins, Luc Luybert, Gauthier Boucard, Arthur Van Doren and Victor Wiggins scored. Earlier, the Lions had already beaten South Korea (6-2), Wales (7-2) and Japan (4-2). On Tuesday they will conclude their training period with a duel against Germany (FIH-4). & nbsp; Belgium will soon defend their world title 2018 in India. On January 14, the Red Team will start against South Korea (FIH-10). Then they will meet Germany and Japan (FIH-16) in their group. Fun fact: The match was played during the World Cup Final. The Lions turned off their phones before and after the game and watched the final together after the game. .
  2. 12-18-2022.
  3. 7 pm 22. Belgium – Japan 4-2. The Belgian men defeated Japan in their third warm-up match ahead of next month’s Hockey World Cup in India. It became 4-2 at training camp in Spain. Alexandre Hendricks (2), Felix Denayer and Tanguy Cousins ​​scored the goals against the World Cup opponent. The Red Lions train against Spain tomorrow, and wrap up their training on Tuesday against Germany. .
  4. 2022-12-17.
  5. 21:26 The Red Lions beat Wales on stage in Spain. The Red Lions toured Wales in their second warm-up match ahead of the Hockey World Cup in India next month. It became 7-2 in San Fernando, near Cadiz in Spain, as the Belgians were on stage. The Belgian hockey team already won 6-2 against South Korea on Sunday, the first of six exhibition matches in Spain. The Red Lions will play France (Thursday), Japan (Saturday), Spain (Sunday) and Germany (Tuesday next week) in the coming days. Practice ends on December 21, the day after the last practice game. & nbsp; Belgium defending their world title 2018 in India. They will start against South Korea on January 14th. Then they meet Germany and Japan in their group. .
  6. 2022-12-13.
  7. 5:33 PM Red Lions win their first exhibition game against South Korea. Our hockey players completed their first of 6 training matches in a training session in Andalusia yesterday. They defeated South Korea 6-2, with Sebastien Duqueur scoring two goals. The Red Lions play Wales again on Tuesday. & nbsp; .
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