May 28, 2024

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Mettepeningen over Eli Iserbyt:"WB-klassement is nog niet verloren, maar het wordt een moeilijke zaak".

The Ecerbit injury is painful but fortunately there is no crack or fracture. Contusion to Van Embel’s left leg | Cycling

It was rain and sunshine for Paulus Souzen-Bingwall on Saturday at the World Cup Cross in Val di Sole, Italy. Michael Vanthornhout won the show at the World Cup, but teammates Eli Esserbet and Wim van Embel crashed hard. “Eli is someone who doesn’t throw in the towel easily. He will continue to work hard in every game. With what the everyday look looks like,” said team manager Jurgen Metbingen.

How is Elie Esserbet doing two days after the plane crash in Val di Sole? “No cracks or fractures were found, but it is a very painful injury,” says team manager Jurgen Mittebeningen. “Eli suffered a muscle crush or ‘horse bite’.”

Pauwels captain Sauzen-Bingoal is currently in collegiate training in Spain. “Yesterday he took off. Today he went to see the reaction during endurance training. If he succeeds, it looks like he’ll ride the other crosses as planned. So Gavier, Zolder and Diegem.”

Because of his fall, Iserbyt lost a lot of points for the World Cup. He is now in third place. “He’s someone who doesn’t throw in the towel easily. He’ll keep working every match.”

“The World Cup ranking is not lost yet. Michael (Fanthornhout) is catching Laurence Swick and is now a good second. The World Cup is yet to be decided.”

“I expect Michael to be able to raise that bar, and then I think he can still fully compete for the overall victory in the World Cup.”

Elie Esserbet was carried away on a stretcher in Val di Sole.

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Wim has fluid in her knees and a bruise on her left leg.

At first Fem van Empel feared a serious injury, even a leg fracture was briefly suggested, but it was soon over and the first diagnosis at the Dora Medical Center revealed no fractures.

The Dutchman visited the hospital today, and no serious injuries were found.

“Wim has fluid in her knees and she has a bruise on her left leg,” says team manager Jurgen Metbingen. “We’re looking at how it develops day by day and if it starts on Javier.”

Van Embel was not scheduled to take part in the Exact Cross at Mull on 23 December. The World Cup takes place in Javier on Monday 26 December.

Wim van Impel crashed hard against a pole in Val di Sole.

“The Belgian Championship is highly regarded”

In shaping success, they also look to BK on Sunday 15th January.

The Belgian Championship in Lokeren is close to the headquarters of Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal in Hamme. “It’s a course that should suit our boys, although we are very realistic that Wout van Aert will be in good shape.”

“But you never know. BC is still to be crashed and BC is very much appreciated on our team.”

“Our season has already been a great success,” says Jurgen Mettepenningen with great pride. “Last season we won 21 TV shows. At the moment we are already on December 21 and we are European champions.”