December 5, 2023

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Plan over 650 social rentals and student homes in Kanaleneiland and Veilinghaven

Plan over 650 social rentals and student homes in Kanaleneiland and Veilinghaven

The first steps were taken to construct over 650 new homes in Kanaleneiland and Veilinghaven. This relates to more than 550 student housing in Livingstonelaan and over a hundred (social) apartments to rent on the Veilingstraat.

The committee laid out the terms of the two new construction projects, the so-called “Programmatic Principles”. Initiators can now develop their plans further. It will also involve the local people in this.

“There are still very few places in the city that we can renovate, for example, adding homes, improving green spaces and making room for neighborhood amenities,” says Alderman Claes Vershorn. “These two projects are located in very different neighborhoods and both are good examples of how we want neighborhood renewal for both current and future residents.”

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The plan is to demolish the existing building on the Veilingstraat. The new building will house approximately 100 to 130 homes. Most will be social housing, but “may be combined with mid-rate rents / free housing for the sector”, Municipal writes.

Ten Brinke Vastgoedontwikkeling is the owner of the former Bo-rent site on the Veilingstraat and will redevelop the venue. Expected to build this year still starts.

In addition to the social rental apartments and utility space on the ground floor of the building, there will also be plenty of green space. According to the municipality, the new plans on the Veilingstraat are in line with those of Heycopstraat in the hair area.


The new building at Livingstonelaan 609 has plans for more than 550 student housing. The municipality wrote: “There will be a space in the lower part of the building for an educational facility and a space will be created for a facility primarily intended to meet the residents of (the neighborhood).” The garden behind the building will also be renovated.

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The conditions set by the fellow are valid for nine months. During that time, developers should be ready to build their own concepts. These plans are then presented to the local population.