May 26, 2024

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Pokemon GO Flagship Update Launched • Nation of Games

Niantic is back on the drawing board after several complaints. Pokemon GO Corona update, As Pokéstops are accessible from further afield, it was recently reversed but they weren’t happy with me. The new update changes that again.

Before the corona was measured in-game, the radius to reach a Pokéstop or Gym was about 40 metres. In order to better facilitate people with the meter and a half rule, this has been doubled. Now that most measures have been lifted in several countries, Niantic has also decided to backtrack on a number of rules, including the 80-meter radius. Pokémon GO players complained about this because the one and a half meter rule wasn’t raised everywhere. Niantic confirmed now It stays 80 meters and does not go far.

Niantic also promises to better communicate with its players, in the following ways;

  • Developer Diary is released every month with upcoming updates, features, and events;
  • They want regular conversations with the community;
  • from known problems-The page is refreshed and should be more visible to everyone.

In this way they hope to be more involved in the global community and want to continue to listen carefully to feedback and suggestions, such as geographic range issues.

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