June 20, 2024

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Xbox Series S with a disc player? Saints Row cover brings us to Xbox One

While browsing the Internet, we sometimes make discoveries that catch our eye. What surprises us today is the cover of the physical versions of the upcoming Saints series. The recently released reboot will be available on February 25 and many sites are already pre-ordering the game.

interesting jacket

If we look closely, we notice that all the maps revolve around the Xbox Series X and Xbox One, especially the Xbox Series S.

You might think this is a proxy-focused bug, but we tested: Many online stores like Fnac, Gamespot, EB Games or Best Buy offer different versions of the game. .

In comparison, other “physics” games generally available on Xbox Series X are always mentioned, only Xbox Series X and Xbox One, whether or not they are in the exclusive edition. The most reasonable explanation is that instead of Blu-ray, it’s the game code that comes in the box, but the “worst” version of the game is also sold with a Steelbook disc and Xbox Series S on this card.

Will Xbox Series S come with a disc drive soon?

Another hypothesis is that Microsoft plans to release an Xbox Series SI with a physics engine. So far, the device is only available in the digital version for 299.99. With the Xbox Series X99 selling for 499.99, it’s easy to imagine the company lowering its entry-level productivity by offering a physical player. Note that Saints Row will be released in February 2022 and is now available for pre-order with a remote release date. Will Xbox Series S be announced with Drive inside?

We’re certainly guessing, but this idea may be attractive, and even an argument that would appeal to an observing audience across the population.

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It will tell you if such a product will see the light of day in the future, but in any case, if you currently own an Xbox Series S, it’s a good idea not to buy the physical version of Saints Row until something happens. Microsoft announced!