June 13, 2024

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Poland investigates mass killing of fish in a river on the German border: an 'environmental tragedy' |  the animals

Poland investigates mass killing of fish in a river on the German border: an ‘environmental tragedy’ | the animals

In the southwestern Polish city of Wroclaw, the deaths of thousands of fish in the Oder River are being investigated. Local fishermen described the incident as an “environmental tragedy”.

According to the Polish media, the first reports of fishermen finding dead fish on the banks of the river appeared at the end of July. Authorities report that thousands of dead fish have been found so far, first in Lower Silesia, but now in the north near Luboski county. Several tons of dead fish have already been removed from the river.

The oxygen content in the water is higher than the usual summer oxygen concentrations, according to the samples taken. It is possible that a substance with strong oxidizing properties has entered the water, the relevant authorities announced last week. In addition, the toxic substance mesitylene was found in two places.

Avoid contact with water

Marek Sibula, the mayor of Krosno-Oderzinsky, called on residents not to get too close to the banks of the river and to avoid contact with water until the cause of the fish’s death is clear.

“We have not received any official notification of pollution from the river,” Cipola wrote on the city’s website. He said he regretted that the mayors of the cities around Oder had not been notified by the relevant authorities. “A good flow of information is worth its weight in gold here,” the mayor said.

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