June 20, 2024

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Police know perpetrators of multimillion-dollar robbery at TEFAF Art Gallery, part of the loot found |  News

Police know perpetrators of multimillion-dollar robbery at TEFAF Art Gallery, part of the loot found | News

Dutch police take a look at the actual suspects in the brutal theft of jewelry worth millions during the TEFAF art fair in Maastricht. The Limburg Department of Criminal Investigation ended up in the Balkans. One of the stolen jewels was also found.

look. Impeccably dressed and with a sledgehammer: this is how thieves went about their business

The Dutch police in Limburg announced on Friday. “It’s not about the (well-known) big yellow diamonds,” says the search leader. “But with the discovery of this piece of jewelry, the research team can take another big step.” The police did not provide any other details about the discovery.

On June 28 last year, a violent robbery was committed in broad daylight at the TEFAF Art Gallery. Four men, dressed in proper British suits and hats, smashed display cases on the stand of London jewelry stores Symbolic & Chase with hammers. Among other things, an expensive necklace with a yellow diamond was seized. This piece of jewelry is said to be worth 27 million euros.

Pink panther

Immediately after the robbery, rumors spread that it would alarm the infamous jewelry gang, The Pink Panthers. This is a group from the former Yugoslavia, which was once started by ex-soldiers. They are known for brutal robberies which other criminals would not dare. Eight months after the stunning jewel theft at TEFAF, several thieves have been identified as members of the gang, sources report AD.nl. The police did not confirm this.

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A total of ten pieces of jewelry were stolen during the robbery. Then the British company Charles Taylor, which is investigating the theft on behalf of insurance companies, offered half a million euros for the golden tip. Much information has been received, and only a few concrete tips remain. These included the identity of the suspects and the whereabouts of the jewellery.


A full-scale investigation team has been assigned to investigate from the start. This happens in the case of serious crimes such as murders in which the perpetrator has not yet appeared. In all, twenty Limburg investigators have been on the case since June. Under Europol’s supervision, this includes cooperation with several European countries where similar robberies have taken place. There are also contacts with the authorities of the relevant Balkan countries.

This research has an unprecedented international component. All information collected abroad is processed through legal aid requests, and this takes time. It is a long-term investigation,” the police wrote in a press release. “However, we remain confident that this case can be resolved and the suspects arrested and prosecuted.”

look. Is this loot from the TEFAF Art Gallery robbery in Maastricht?

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