July 24, 2024

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Poppet Kenza Fall

Poppet Kenza Fall

July 10, 2024 – 08:50 – World


French-Moroccan influencer Bobette Kenza, real name Kenza Bencherif, has lost credibility once again. She is suspected of attempted extortion as part of an organized gang and of participating in a criminal organization.

The case came to light after a complaint from a couple in Rouen. Walid and Caroline were approached by a man called “Amadou”, who claimed to be a member of a Mexican gang. He demanded 350,000 euros in compensation for the death of his son, who was allegedly killed on the orders of Bobet Kenza’s father.

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It later emerged that “Amadou” was in fact Eric Louv O, an acquaintance of the French justice system. He was arrested with a hand grenade in his possession. An examination of his phone showed that he had been in contact with Bobet Kenza.

Kenza is said to have hired him to collect a €350,000 debt from the couple, which is said to have been caused by a woman who previously worked for Kenza embezzling money.

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The influencer, who was detained on Sunday, denies all the charges. Her lawyer, Mourad Battikh, insists that she knew nothing about the criminal methods of the man she hired, and that she only wanted to resolve a financial dispute.

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