February 1, 2023

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Prepare for Coxeged with wins from Nils Albert, Paul Heregers and Adri van der Poel | X²O Trophy 2022

A new day, a new classic cyclocross. Today you can watch Duinencross in Koksijde with us. Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel once again with crossed swords, Laurens Sweeck returns after a week’s absence. Broadcast starts at 1.30pm with the women’s match: you can watch it live on One, via VRT Max and on this page.

  1. 11:53 am 2012: Nils Albert wins his second world title.

    2012: Nils Albert wins his second world title

  2. 11:52 AM 1996: Van der Poel finishes it on a flat tire.

    1996: Van der Poel finishes it with a flat tire

  3. 11:50 AM 1994: Herygers with the famous pat on the back of the Groenendaal.

    1994: Herygers with the famous pat on the back of the Groenendaal

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  7. 09:30 a.m. Swick: “A week without a cross has worked for me.” Laurens Sweeck will be back this afternoon. A strong cold kept him away from Loenhout, Baal and Herentals in recent days. Swick explains on the organization’s website: “I had been sick for a while, and had been kept away from the kids. Those back issues at Zolder and Diegem were probably a consequence.” I needed that recovery,” Swick continues. I hope to get back to the good form I had before the end of the year in Koksijde in order to build confidence towards BC. In Koksijde, Swick finds his favorite surface again: loose sand. “I really enjoy coming to Koksijde, although the feature of true sand specialists has become somewhat less in recent years. It’s now a cross mainly where the condition makes the difference.”
  8. 09:25 The edge for true sand specialists has gotten somewhat smaller in recent years. Koksijde is now mainly an intersection where the conditional makes the difference. Lauren Swick.
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  11. 09 am. Crossing around the air force base in Koksijde. Lift up, lift down! Today, cyclists settle in Koksegde. Around the Air Force Base, a solid sand board ride is offered. One with a lot of history. Today, the 55th edition of Duinencross is already included in the program. Especially since the World Cup finals remain legendary. In 1994, co-commentator Paul Hergers won the rainbow jersey, and in 2012 Niels Albert was the best. .
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