March 5, 2024

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President Biden's son summoned in the impeachment investigation of his father |  outside

President Biden's son summoned in the impeachment investigation of his father | outside

to updateHunter Biden (53 years old), the son of US President Joe Biden (81 years old), will appear on February 28 before the House committees that have begun an investigation to impeach the president. Commission Chairs James Comer and Jim Jordan made the announcement on Thursday.

Republicans in the US House of Representatives have launched an investigation that could lead to impeachment proceedings against President Biden.

Hunter Biden was actually called to testify in November last year, weeks before the House of Representatives voted in favor of an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden. However, he refused to testify behind closed doors, fearing that Republicans would leak parts of his testimony just to distort his story and hurt his father.

He agreed several times to answer questions during the public hearing. A Biden spokesman confirmed to the New York Times that he had agreed to testify behind closed doors this time, without commenting further.

The investigation mainly focuses on Biden's son, Hunter. He is said to have made money in China and Ukraine through his father's influence and through policies pursued under Barack Obama's government. Democrat Biden was then vice president.

According to Comer, the current president lied about this matter and there is corruption. Many officials at the time denied that Biden had acted illegally.

The investigation comes at an inopportune time with the start of the Democratic primaries. Joe Biden is seeking a new term. This November, Americans will elect a new president.

look. How are the US primaries going?

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