March 4, 2024

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Belgium joins the European operation against the Houthi rebels and sends a military ship to the Red Sea |  News

Belgium joins the European operation against the Houthi rebels and sends a military ship to the Red Sea | News

The Federal Nuclear Cabinet today considered whether Belgium would join a potential European mission against Yemen's Houthi rebels who have been attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea for weeks. The majority was still divided on the matter in the House of Representatives on Thursday. According to Foreign Minister Hajja Habib (MR), Belgium has a “duty” to participate, but the Socialists and Greens have refrained from doing so.

And now there is an agreement: Our country will send the frigate Louise Marie to the region. The military ship is not intended to carry out attacks – as the Americans and British did in their bombing of Yemen, but it is intended to protect commercial shipping ships in the Red Sea. Methods and Rules of engagement (Read: The rules that our soldiers must adhere to) will be determined by the government and at the European level.

In exchange for participation, our country will increase pressure on Israel to defuse the conflict with the Palestinians. Belgium – as President of the Council of the European Union – will insist immediately cease-fire And he will defend her too To allow aid to enter Gaza. In addition, our country continues to demand the release of all hostages and continues to support the two-state solution.

Finally, the government confirms its confidence in the International Court of Justice South Africa filed a genocide case against Israel. She added that our country will support the conclusions and monitor their implementation.

The government evacuated local Enabel employees

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Belgium will also work on this Repatriation of local employees From Annabelle from Gaza. In total you will pass 74 peopleMinister of Development Cooperation Caroline Jennes (FORW) explained in a press conference following the main conference. These are 19 local employees of the federal government's development agency – Palestinians – and their nuclear families. This includes 43 minors, 37 of whom are under the age of 12, and two pregnant women.

According to Minister Geniz, they will be placed on the evacuation list and subjected to security screening. Belgian services have already carried out a preliminary examination. “These are the people who worked day after day for our international solidarity,” she stressed.