March 4, 2024

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President Nixon asked Elvis Presley to spy on John Lennon

President Nixon asked Elvis Presley to spy on John Lennon

President Nixon (who was in office from 1969 to 1974) could not stand Lennon, according to Harris, for his outspoken criticism of the Vietnam War. On the other hand, Presley was a close friend of the President of the United States government, and therefore he also asked him if he wanted to spy on Lennon and “gather as much information as possible on him”.

“It looked as if Lennon saw them fly at the time when he said his phone had been bugged and it felt like he was being followed everywhere. But it was true, he was really followed,” Harris said. Lennon in the United States. He knew that he would never enter America again if he returned to the United Kingdom. Not while Nixon was in the White House.”

By the way, Lennon and Presley never clicked on either of them, according to Harris. When they met in the mid-1960s, “it was hate at first sight.” “It was a huge disappointment for John, because he loved Elvis’ music. It was also a big shock when he found out that Elvis was a southern right-wing fanatic. At the same time, Elvis saw that John knew everything from Liverpool who had ousted him.” He overdid Lennon Presley according to Harris and King was “very bitter” about it.

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