May 28, 2024

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HLN StoreDoesn’t the sight of a dirty green balcony instantly cheer you up? Then it’s time to bring out the high pressure cleaner. After all, spraying the porch is a classic task to do with such a device, but what else can you clean? And what certainly not? HLN Store It provides you with tips and, to conclude, six concrete tips for safe use.

The high-pressure cleaner uses water—the name speaks for itself—high pressure, in order to efficiently remove stubborn dirt in a focused jet. Outdoors, this water can easily flow through your lawn or drain, but indoors, where it can damage your furniture and floors, you don’t want that. Furthermore, things are rarely so dirty that a high-pressure cleaner is useful. Usually a damp cleaning cloth and some cleaning supplies will suffice.

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in the fresh air

On the other hand, your outdoor space has to weather a lot, which means rough means are welcome. Encased dirt, moss, and algae can then be easily removed from the patio tiles with a high-pressure cleaner. But this device is also excellent for other outdoor surfaces. Think of the garage door, downpipes, or sidewalk in front of your house.

Wood and concrete

Do you have a wooden porch or concrete patio? You can also take care of that with a high pressure cleaner. Concrete can withstand a strong jet without any problem, and wood suitable for outdoor use—usually—is no problem either. To be on the safe side, don’t work near the surface and start in an inconspicuous area. There you can carefully test the effect of the beam on the material.

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Sparkling BBQ

A clean terrace naturally requires a barbecue. And yes, you can clean them up again in no time with a high-pressure cleaner after your feast. If the party leaves its mark, you can handle the porch floor, barbecue and garden furniture too in one motion. After that everything looks new again, ready for the next party.

Wash without scratches

Do you want your car to sparkle after being treated with a high pressure cleaner? This is generally not a good idea, as the strong jet can damage your car’s paint, giving you rust.

But there is a solution: If you use a special brush attachment with soft bristles and don’t set the pressure too high, your four-wheeler won’t be in any danger. In this case, using a high-pressure cleaner is ideal to avoid scratches. This way you can clean your car and your rims with confidence. You can also quickly and safely wash other vehicles, such as your bike or motorbike.

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Be careful with the paint

From the same perspective, the high-pressure cleaner is also not suitable for painted surfaces; Think of some exterior walls or window frames. Because of the high pressure, the paint simply peels off and you can start painting again. Unless that is exactly the intention, a high-pressure cleaner is best left to this cleaning task.

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Don’t: Hose your roof

After all, it’s not smart to climb onto the roof with your hand tools. Dangerous heights or stairs and a very strong jet of water are not a safe combination, because the recoil can unsettle you with all the ensuing consequences.

In addition, roofing often cannot withstand highly concentrated pressure: roofing tiles or other materials that protect the roof can peel off. If your high-pressure cleaner has ample range, you can use it to spray your gutter clean from the ground floor, for example.

Six tips for safe use:

• Before you begin, clean your porch or make sure there are no other items in the way that could damage or hinder your work.
• Always keep water away from electricity.
• Increase the pressure gradually. If you can’t remove the dirt with low pressure and you don’t notice any damage, you can gradually increase the force of the jet.
• Maintain the required distance – about 30 cm – between the sprayer and the surface to be cleaned.
• Use special brush heads to clean the most delicate materials.
• Wash your car? Be very careful with the tires, because if the valve is pressed too hard, it can bend.

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