March 4, 2024

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Preventing Problems: Follow the Hepatitis B Protection Directive!

Preventing Problems: Follow the Hepatitis B Protection Directive!

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From his role as a quality consultant, Bowman has visited dental clinics and other healthcare providers for over 12 years. It is noted that the caliber values ​​for employees are often lower than the established standard. “I encounter it regularly and it is a huge shame. Many practice owners seem unaware of the risks they are walking. “

As the owner, you are responsible and accountable for your employees and patients. They must have a safe working environment. You are also exposed to financial risks. If an employee becomes infected, in many cases they will not be allowed to work with patients and tools. The owner of the clinic is in charge at the time. If it turns out that the protection was not enough and you could have known about it, you are responsible and will continue to pay the employee.”

Provides a guide

To avoid having to deal with this kind of situation, you should have the necessary forms ready. “The screening is very strict with the HBsAg >100 IU/L guidelines and enforces it too. They can just come in and ask for titer values. You and your staff. For example, I once felt that an assistant was removed from behind the chair by the inspector on the spot and placed in an inactive state.”

Note: If the staff Not responds to vaccinationnon-responders) Or the lack of a vaccine due to religious beliefs Wants receive, they should be tested every three months for possible presence of hepatitis B infection.

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The fact that this is not well regulated everywhere may have something to do with the trend in recent years as a result of a shortage of dentists. “One of the factors that is really playing a role at the moment is the increase in dentists and assistants from abroad. The values ​​of the caliber required can sometimes differ from ours. If they want to work in the Netherlands, they will have to obtain a caliber higher than 100. Practitioners should pay attention to this matter closely when hiring foreign employees.”

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So Bowman has clear advice to all practice holders. “The guideline is clear. Avoid unnecessary problems and make sure you have proof from every employee that they have enough protected to be. Check your current personnel file and make sure it is in order. Then make it a habit to ask each new employee.”

more information

KNMT provides members with useful information about Hepatitis B vaccination status and about vaccination cycle.