May 21, 2024

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Superstars Agustin Anello and Lommel SK waltz on Jong Genk after the break: "Happy to help me and two goals" |  Sports nearby

Superstars Agustin Anello and Lommel SK waltz on Jong Genk after the break: “Happy to help me and two goals” | Sports nearby

Lommel SK was able to quickly pull away from Jong Genk after an impressive second half. The North Limburgers won the title with Agustin Anello 0-3 and jumped to the top in the Challenger Pro League.

Wouter Franken saw in the stands that Jung Jink was off to a good start. Last season’s U-23 champion had three chances to take the lead, but Claes and Goodts couldn’t finish the race.

Two minutes before the break, Lommel hit SK fatally. Agustin Anello perfectly dropped the skin in the small rectangle and Caué’s alert gave goalkeeper Leysen no chance.

After the break, Lommel walked out of the locker rooms and made optimal use of the space to strike mercilessly. First, Robin Hinkins’ goal was wrongly disallowed for offside, but in the hour Anello brilliantly hit a free kick into the cross. Lommel continued to integrate well and the home team could no longer make a fist. Fifteen minutes before the end, a great feat by Anilo and his wedge again disappeared into the crosshair. gem for framing.

After the party glee at T1, Steve Bold and teammate Hans Sommers were able to set the record straight for the defeat. “We played a good first half but weren’t effective enough in the truth zone. After the break, Lommel came close between the lines and deserved to win this great derby.”

agustin anilo glitter roll

“One pass and two goals. I still have to recover,” said 20-year-old right winger Anelo after the match at Sejica Arena. We couldn’t get her in the market in the first half. We were very nervous and couldn’t create any danger. Offensively. Fortunately, Jong Genk wasn’t sharp enough at the end. Our organization was quite good. The goal came before the break out of nowhere. I dropped the skin in front of the goal and our Brazilian striker Kawi remained calm at the end.”

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“It seems that this gave us the necessary boost,” the Argentine talent continues. “Coach Steve Bould also made adjustments in the locker room. We had to be quieter during the build and make more use of the space. It was a great feeling when I was able to clear with two beautiful goals. Yes, the first time I scored two goals in a match. After the performance Weak against RSC Anderlecht Futures, we made it happen again thanks to an excellent second half. This group has a lot of talent as well as the necessary experience. We can go far this season. Even if we have to deal with captain Glenn Nevin’s withdrawal for an extended period of time.”

foreign nationality

“Everyone has a hard time understanding my nationality (laughs). I was born in Miami. I lived in Barcelona for many years, but all my family is from Argentina. That is why I chose Argentine nationality,” concludes sympathetic Anello.

Young Genk: Lissin, Cartensen, Dirks, Van de Berry, Rumens, John, Claes, Dewara (78′ Arabaci), Godts (78′ Cutillas-Carpe), Geusens, Bangura.

LOMMEL SK: De Busser, Lemoine, Martinez (80′ Ostrc), Wuytens, Roque, Chadli (64′ Pierrot), Vancsa (64′ Talvitie), Henkens, Granell, Anello (89′ Weckhuysen), Caué.

Goal: 43′ Kawi (0-1), 60′ and 74′ Anello (0-2 and 0-3).

Yellow: Cartensen, Dirks, Martinez, Granell.

Referee: Vermeer.