April 15, 2024

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Prince Harry hops on a private jet for polo match as Father Charles calls for a 'greener' life: 'It's just hypocrisy' |  showbiz

Prince Harry hops on a private jet for polo match as Father Charles calls for a ‘greener’ life: ‘It’s just hypocrisy’ | showbiz

PropertyPrince Harry, 36, is shot after using a friend’s private jet to fly from Aspen to Santa Barbara. So many people call the Duke of Sussex, who regularly talks about the environment and climate change, a hypocrite.

Earlier this week, Prince Harry participated in a polo match in Aspen to raise money for charity. After the match, the Duke of Sussex clearly wanted to get home as soon as possible, and so he used the private jet of Mark Ganzy, a close friend of Harry. The price of the plane is about 52 million euros. The flight itself took about two hours and covered a distance of about 1,204 kilometers.

Prince Harry’s decision to return home on a private jet did not go unnoticed. Meghan Markle’s husband regularly talks about the environment and climate change. Three months ago, Harry described it as “one of the main problems we face”.

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Speaking to Oprah Winfrey on Apple TV, Harry said, “It’s sad that our children grow up in a world like this. Houses are on fire or underwater. Plus, entire forests will be wiped off the map.”

Not the first time

This is not the first time Prince Harry has used a private jet. Research shows that Prince William’s brother used a private flight no fewer than four times in just 11 days. That’s what Kings biographer Tom Quinn said. “This is just incredibly hypocritical, especially after he talks about climate change. He sees himself as a guide to the rest of his world, but his behavior seems irrelevant to him.

In addition, the timing of Prince Harry’s decision is very unfortunate. Earlier this week, his father, Prince Charles, 72, spoke about climate change. He called on British companies to commit to the environment. If they don’t, he says the planet is gone. In a statement to the Daily Mail, Charles said: “We have no alternative. We have to do everything we can in the very short period we have left. Only then can we avoid massive climate catastrophes – already partially manifesting themselves.” Prince Charles’ response comes after the bad situation in Greece. Some parts of the country have had to deal with a series of severe fires. Prince Harry and Prince William’s father described the scenes as a “real nightmare”.

In closing, Charles explained that time is almost up. According to him, it is now up to large companies to cooperate with all world leaders. “Our only hope is to avoid more natural disasters,” he said.

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