December 6, 2023

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“Prince Harry must make a formal request to visit his father or stay in the royal buildings” |  Property

“Prince Harry must make a formal request to visit his father or stay in the royal buildings” | Property

PropertyDo you want to pay a spontaneous visit to your father? For Prince Harry, 39, it’s no longer a no-brainer. The British newspaper “The Telegraph” wrote that the prince must notify his relatives in the future when he wants to visit his relatives. You should also plan in advance to stay in one of the royal residences.

The article appeared after Harry’s recent visit to his home country. The prince, who now lives in California with his wife, Meghan Markle, traveled to London earlier this month to attend the WellChild Awards, an annual charity event. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to see his father, King Charles. Since Harry and Meghan decided to step down from the British royal family, relations between family members have been strained. Therefore, the visit seemed like the ideal opportunity to revive relations.

Official request

So his team contacted Buckingham Palace when it became clear that Harry would indeed be attending the WellChild Awards, the Telegraph writes. If possible, the Duke of Sussex wanted to see his father and stay with him. However, in response, Harry was told that he had to make a formal request for it. It is not clear whether the king himself knew this answer. However, Harry’s team made this official request. The prince will spend just 24 hours in the UK before traveling to Germany, where this year’s Invictus Games are being held.

Unfortunately, the King’s visit proved impossible, as he was supposed to be staying at Balmoral, Scotland at the time. Although Harry was welcome, it turned out to be technically impossible for father and son to schedule a moment together within those 24 hours. Even if he used a helicopter to fly to Balmoral, Harry would hardly be able to spend time with his father. That’s why the prince is said to have asked to stay at Windsor Castle instead. Since June, Harry and Meghan no longer have an official home in the UK, so they must now arrange their own accommodation.

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“It is impossible to arrange”

However, according to Telegraph sources, Harry submitted his request to stay at Windsor too late, making arranging accommodation “impossible”, so the prince was forced to spend the night in a hotel. A visit to the grave of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, shows that this is possible.

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