July 16, 2024

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Prince Louis dancing on the balcony

Prince Louis dancing on the balcony

The youngest son of Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales, regularly steals the spotlight at official events. For example, the young prince made news during King Charles’ coronation by making funny faces. This year, the young prince was seen dancing on the balcony during Trooping the Colour. Check out the sweet photos here!

It’s Saturday, June 15th color forces, The official celebration of the King’s birthday. This year, King Charles’ birthday will be celebrated on a grand scale. Catherine, Princess of Wales also appears here. This is her first public appearance after being diagnosed with cancer.

Prince Louis dances during the military parade

Prince Louis sits at the start Color forces With his mother, brother George, and sister Charlotte heading for transportation Horse guards processionIt is the place where the military parade is held every year. Once he arrived, Prince Louis went out to watch the show from the balcony. Due to bad weather, the Princess of Wales and her three children can watch the show under a shelter. On that balcony, the young prince shows off his dancing skills.

Music is playing during the show and Prince Louis knows what to do with that. The pictures show the young prince swaying to the rhythm. What beautiful pictures!

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Foggy windows? No problem for Princess Charlotte

Another nice detail you may have missed Color Troops 2024. While returning to Buckingham Palace, all the windows in the Princess of Wales’s carriage and her children’s carriage became foggy. Much to the dismay of Princess Charlotte, who wants to look outside. She uses her hands to make sure she can keep looking out. Catherine also lends a helping hand. What enthusiasm!

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Photos: ANP/X @Telegraph