April 16, 2024

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Prince William appears without Kate at his ex-girlfriend's wedding: 'Keep the lights on' |  Kings

Prince William appears without Kate at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding: ‘Keep the lights on’ | Kings

KingsWilliam and Kate. It seems there was no other combination. However, both the Prince and Princess of Wales have their own dating history. For example, William has an affair with Rose Farquhar, a childhood friend who is his first great love. So the prince was present at her wedding this weekend.

“It was a magical winter wedding in the snow,” an insider told People. The source continued, “The bride and groom walked through a tunnel of matching guests in the dark before leaving in the back of a vintage Land Rover. It was beautiful in the snow.”

Famous guests included Prince William, Olivia Hunt (also a former Prince), Tom Inskeep, Jamie Murray-Wills, and Jay Bailey. Despite his remarkable presence, the prince, according to sources, kept a low profile during Rose Farquhar’s wedding to George Gemmell.

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Rose Farquhar, William’s first girlfriend © © Icon Pictures Limited

Great first love

The relationship between William and Farquhar took place in 2000 and royal expert Katie Nicholl described it as an “innocent and tender love story”. Many newspapers therefore consider Farquhar the Prince’s first great love. It’s also clear that their relationship ended well, as Rose was also present at William and Kate’s wedding in 2011.

Farquhar, who is currently working on special projects and business development for the Duchess of Rutland’s Belvoir Castle, studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Film and Theater Institute in New York City. She is also a singer-songwriter who auditioned for the fifth season of The Voice UK in 2016.

a look. Rose Farquhar auditioning for The Voice UK.

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