May 27, 2024

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This is Brad Pitt's new very hot girlfriend

This is Brad Pitt’s new very hot girlfriend

Still going fine Brad Pitt (Express train) and the woman he’s been dating for several months: Ines de Ramon. This week, the two were caught having an intimate moment at the party after the premiere of Pitt’s latest movie Babylon.

Even though they didn’t appear on the red carpet together, they were going to have a lot of fun together during the after party. “They regularly put their arms around each otherA source told the People Gossip site.

Last month, Pete and Ramon were also seen backstage at Bono’s concert in LA. A source tells People that the two will likely also celebrate the New Year together.

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Not exclusive yet
While Pete and Ramon, who works for an expensive jewelry brand, aren’t “exclusive” yet, those on the inside see their bond heading towards something serious.

He finds her really attractive. This is a clearthe source tells.Ines, in turn, believes that Brad is a real treasure“.

Curious about Ramon? This is her Instagram (Although she is currently protecting her from non-friends).

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