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The glass table is the death knell for Pauline: the characters of "Thuis" have also met their fateful end

The glass table is the death knell for Pauline: the characters of “Thuis” have also met their fateful end

The death toll reaches 60 residenceWiki after 28 seasons. With Pauline’s unexpected death on Friday’s episode, the counter stands at 61 deaths. Most of the characters were killed by a psychopath, died in a fight or succumbed to a health problem. But few, like Pauline, had such a fateful end. As if the writers can’t get rid of their characters fast enough.

Jens de Bilder (Jill Clemens) – Season 21, December 2015

Next week seven years will pass residenceThe viewer experienced the most shocking death. Jens de Bilder, owner of the Frenz Cafe, is going to leave for New York with his love Lena to start a new life there. In the taxi that will take them to the airport, he asks her to marry him. She says yes. An excited Jens, realizing his ring is still in Frens, jumps out of the car and is badly injured by his best friend Paulien. Two days later, on Christmas Day, the popular character succumbs to his injuries.

As is often the case, the residenceFans already know that Jelle Clemans is leaving the soap. The hope was that he would simply leave for New York and disappear from public view, but the writers showed their wilder side.

Robert Verkamen (Sjarel Brankerts) – Season 2, May 1997

Writers used the same trick many years earlier. Leontine’s father, Robert Verkamen, is beaten to death by Frank Bowmans after chasing Simonicki. Bomans only delivers half of the work, so he ends the book in a different way.

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When the Vercammen are told he will not receive compensation for the suffering Frank has caused him – he feigned amnesia for months to get the money – he angrily walks away from his company. Outside he is being beaten up by Rudy, one of his workers. It does a complete job: Verkamen died as a rock.

Kasper Kosinski (Mattias Van de Vijver) – Season 18, October 2012

Casper, the adopted son of your parents and Rosa, was no saint. But he deserved a better ending. By the eighteenth season, the young man had lost his way. He stole money from Peggy’s travel agency, but wants her back. Peggy is still there when Casper breaks in. She removes the pepper spray and attacks the unknown criminal and Casper falls and later dies from his injuries.

It is certainly not impossible. But in a world where an elderly lady like Lady Marian can survive a fall from the top of a flight of stairs (on top of dozens of other life-threatening situations), dying from such an unspectacular fall is a little feeble. A lot of bad luck for Casper.

Tanya Tebergen (Catherine De Becker) – Season 27, April 2022

Sometimes it’s as simple as one drink. The viewer had not witnessed the death of Tanya in April of this year, nor the actress Catherine de Becker. In this newspaper she herself said: “There were too many characters and someone had to disappear.” It doesn’t really seem that way.

At Madam’s Bar, Tanya inadvertently drank a glass of drugged soda and passed out. The end of the story, which according to de Becker was too short. “The TV series will never last, but I didn’t expect the curtain to actually fall.”

Bill De Wit (Günther Samson) – Season 24, June 2019

Bill De Wit, Jorn’s father and Sam’s brother, wasn’t allowed to play a full season before writers attributed him to his cruel death. The man tried to pull his drunken son off the tracks and save him from an oncoming train, but he was caught.

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Actor Gunther Samson can count on the fact that he contributed to a story with a social message about the danger of walking on rails. “I can’t help but praise this subject all the time residence He said. “If we, as a fantasy team, can ensure that there is awareness around this, I am very proud of my profession and what we can do.”