May 28, 2024

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Prince William honors grandmother: 'The country is losing an extraordinary leader, I am losing a grandmother'

Prince William honors grandmother: ‘The country is losing an extraordinary leader, I am losing a grandmother’

Prince William paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth, who passed away on Thursday. In an extensive statement, the 40-year-old Prince of Wales wrote, among other things, that he was “extremely grateful” to have been allowed to accompany his grandmother for so long. On Saturday evening, William, Kate, Harry and Meghan went to greet the audience.

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“On Thursday, the world lost an extraordinary leader whose devotion to the country, the kingdom and the Commonwealth was absolute,” the prince said. Much will be said in the coming days about the significance of her historical judgment. However, I lost my grandmother. And while I will mourn her loss, I am also deeply grateful. I benefited from her wisdom and comfort in my fifties.”

William also says he is glad his three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, spent their holidays with Elizabeth, creating memories that will last a lifetime. “She was by my side in my happiest moments. She was by my side during the saddest days of my life. I knew this day would come, but it would be some time before you really feel life without grandma.”

The Prince is also grateful for the “kindness” shown by the Queen to him and his family. “I thank her on behalf of my generation for setting an example of service and dignity in public life.”

William and his family were at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Thursday, where she died in the late afternoon. On Friday, Prince Balmoral left to join his family in Windsor. On Saturday, he attended the official appointment ceremony of his father Charles as king. William has been the heir apparent to the United Kingdom since Elizabeth’s death.

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In the evening, William and Kate, along with his brother Harry and his sister-in-law Megan, went to the audience at Windsor Castle. This was the first time in a long time that the two brothers had appeared in public together and there seemed to be no flaw between them.