December 9, 2022

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Project Volterra: ARM64 Devkit with Windows 11 and Qualcomm SoC

Project Volterra: ARM64 Devkit with Windows 11 and Qualcomm SoC

Microsoft shared more information about Arm support at its annual Build Developers Conference. Many tools, including Visual Studio, get native support for this help set architecture. Additionally, the developer has teamed up with Qualcomm on a Windows 11 mini PC to serve as the Arm64 device.

Project Volterra uses a Snapdragon soc and a Neural Processing Unit (npu), which can be used to develop AI applications. This compact device features a stackable design, which should allow for multi-system configurations.

It is not clear what kind of hardware is on board. In a YouTube video, it was revealed that there are three USB Type-A ports and two Type-c connections on the board, as well as a Mini DisplayPort connector and an Ethernet port. The shell is made from recycled ocean plastic.

The Volterra project is not aimed at consumers.

To take full advantage of the capabilities of this device, Microsoft plans to provide a comprehensive toolkit for native Arm applications. The first previews will be available in the coming weeks, including Visual Studio 2022. The full list can be found below:

  • Visual Studio 2022 & VSCode
  • Visual C++
  • .NET 6 Modern and Java
  • Classic .NET Framework
  • Windows Terminal
  • WSL and WSA to run Linux and Android apps


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