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Qmusic audio guessed: listener Natalie wins €12,400 |  Showbiz

Qmusic audio guessed: listener Natalie wins €12,400 | Showbiz

ShowbizQmusic sound is guessed. After just 9 days and 123 attempts without any tips, Natalie (39 years old) was able to guess the sound correctly. The woman from Turnhout was waiting at the school gate while she made her attempt. She learned that the ‘sound’ was a sprinkler head connected to a garden hose, and so she won a prize pool of €12,400.


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Bite into an apple? Stack roof tiles? Cut the carrot? Q listeners have been searching tooth and nail for Het Geluid over the past couple of weeks. After 123 attempts from Q listeners, Nathalie (39) from Turnhout was able to give the only correct answer during Vincent Live by “attaching a spray nozzle to a garden hose”. She won at least 12,400 euros. Although this does not mean that the ears of Q listeners will now get the rest they deserve. On the contrary, on Monday 18 September, Qmusic will start searching for Het Geluid again. How many tries will it take Q listeners to guess the sound this time? How much will the prize pool be? Who will be the second winner of Heat Gloyd?

“You don’t mean that? Vincent, that’s not true? I’ve never won anything! My kids will be so happy. Great. I really need To recover, I don’t know what to say anymore! She will use the prize pool to cheer up her three children and husband on a trip to Disneyland.

On Monday, September 4, the song “Het Geluid” debuted on Qmusic. From Martin and Dorothy (6:00am – 10:00am) to Vincent Live (4:00pm – 7:00pm), the listener can guess the sound every hour. Now that listener Natalie has guessed the ‘sound’ after 123 attempts, the special Qmusic task will begin for the second time from Monday 18 September and Q listeners will try to guess the second sound. The lucky Q listener who succeeds wins money. This can be a lot of money again. Whoever guesses “the sound” wins the amount currently in the prize pool. Initially, the amount was 100 euros, and for each incorrect answer, the pot was renewed with 100 euros. At 9:30 a.m., “Double Your Chance” is shown and one listener can guess twice in one turn. You can play again starting Monday, September 18 via the Q app.

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look. This was the ‘voice’ that Natalie was able to guess.

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