June 14, 2024

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Why more and more loud colleagues in the workplace: ‘Economic times aren’t helping’ |  Nina

Why more and more loud colleagues in the workplace: ‘Economic times aren’t helping’ | Nina

Loud colleague in the workplace? Although the term is new, you may recognize this phenomenon well:… “Loud worker”. What drives this type of colleague? How do you deal with it best? Career coach Grete DeClercq offers tips for putting an end to frustration.

You work more than anyone else and still manage to spend several hours a day at the coffee machine. You have to do it. The near-divine status that this type of employee ascribes to themselves would be impressive, if it did not unleash murderous thoughts in their more timid colleagues.

Since the beginning of time, there have been workers who make far more noise than work effectively. But Professor Andre Spicer from Bayes Business School in London only mentioned this phenomenon at the end of 2022. Loud worker It has appeared in recent years as a result of the Corona crisis.

Insecurity is the culprit

Increasing the opportunity for employees to work from home has its drawbacks, according to career coach Grete DeClercq. “Digital work is good for having a good work-life balance, but it also causes people to lose touch with the company and colleagues,” she says.

They struggle with basic problems, such as the idea that they can’t handle their jobs

Professional coach Grete DeClercq

Frequent physical absence from the workplace makes employees want to put themselves first more. “Economically difficult times within the company are not helping,” says the coach. “Sometimes it’s about the fear of losing your job.”

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Despite their clear presence in the workplace Loud workers So act essentially on the basis of uncertainty. “We see this happen often with people who don’t feel seen or heard,” says DeClercq. “They have underlying problems, such as the idea that they can’t cope with their jobs, or difficulties in their private lives.” This reality makes Loud worker Just a little more humane.

How do you deal with such a colleague?

Coach Grete DeClercq encourages anyone working with this type of colleague to be understanding, no matter how difficult it may be. “Try to be open and take a short walk if you can,” she says. “If you’re not personally bothered by the behavior, you can try to let it go,” the coach says. “If someone is influencing you or your team — for example by taking credit for your idea — I recommend taking the necessary steps.”

Nonviolent communication is the most important message. “If necessary, contact the manager,” DeClercq advises. Report this behavior to HR. “Discuss the issue in a friendly way by mainly talking about how you feel about the situation.”

So make sure you dare to confront things, but avoid offensive language. This way, your working environment can improve, and no one will die in the workplace. After all, there is little chance that HR will recognize this as a work accident.

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