March 4, 2024

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Season 2 of “Chantal” shows more of the wonderful village silliness

Season 2 of “Chantal” shows more of the wonderful village silliness

Ronald Meuss focuses on infinity. Today: Season 2 of Chantal.

Ronald Meuse

Ah, the Flemish village. Marian churches along the roads, farms in the distance, and a sleeping red sun hanging over the fields. by heavens' Birds during Back to Oosterdonk So far I slept at home-spin off Chantal: TV screenwriters' fascination with backwards life in this Flemish village transcends generations.

Well, it was Ghent Police Men Indeed, it was Bruges AspieAnd it was Antwerp Trade fair And About water. But does so little happen in Ronse, Lier, or d'Este that we must immediately, outside those great cities, look to the smallest corners of the country, where daily life is lived far from the pulse of the rest of society?

The undersigned, who has been a villager for about seven years, more or less understands where the eternal charm of village life comes from. My little village is on the other side of the country, but I learned a few things from the village of Loveringham in Westhoek where Chantal Being.

In the small village of Limburg, for example, no one ever travels on foot or by public transport: everything is done by Koning Auto. To the nearby bakery, maybe 300 meters further? car! To the center of Brussels? car!

And yes, the very sympathetic way in which the weirdos remain their sarcastic selves in the village, without being ostracized by society, is also shown in Chantal. Look at the Sheriff (Dries Heinemann): Where else but one of those places in Lutgebrueck in Westhoek is a local policeman with a cowboy hat on his head still taken seriously?

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In the villages there is still room for mess, space for chaos. This is explored heavily in season two Chantal. In the first year, new Commissioner Chantal Phantom (Maiki Kaffmeyer) still has to prove herself in a world of men.

But this time, showrunner Mathias Sirko left the story of sexual jokes behind: for the second series of episodes, more attention was paid to what happens between the other villagers. More specifically: what sometimes lies behind their shocking modesty and annoying politeness. Quite a few, as shown in this volume, which begins with a dead man on a farm and ends with a large-scale art theft.

In the extreme hiestih In West Flanders, at the Café de Miserie, people talk about unrequited love. asks the current mayor with his slogan, “Loyal to you.” (sic)He wonders how he will be able to compete with an arrogant local businessman (Wim Oebroeck), who is using vast resources for his election campaign.

At some point, even tragedy occurs. Season two of Chantal In addition to the main plot being presented in a chaotic manner and building toward a chaotic climax, it also continues to pay attention to small events that could be of vital importance in a village with only a few thousand residents.

The series is now available in full on Streamz, as of January 21, and will also be streamed on VRT 1.