February 26, 2024

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“Lee Dale” or “Lee Dale”?  We've always mispronounced these 11 words in the past year  Nina

“Lee Dale” or “Lee Dale”? We've always mispronounced these 11 words in the past year Nina

Did you know that we've probably been mispronouncing simple words like paprika or vanilla all our lives? A lot of people also made mistakes in 2023. That's why we've listed the most common blunders of the past year. Show your correct pronunciation during the end of the year party.

Lidl, quinoa or alpaca: these words sound familiar. However, we often don't know how to pronounce it correctly, concluded Preply, a global platform for online language lessons. They've put together a list of eleven words we often mispronounced last year and tips on how to use them flawlessly in 2024.

At the top is the Chinese fashion site Shein. This became very popular in a short time, because you can wear fashionable clothes at bargain prices. Even at the expense of sustainability and ethics. However, the biggest mystery surrounding the brand is its name: is it “Shee-In,” “Shay-in,” “Shie-in,” or “Shine”?

Anyone who pronounces the name of Chinese fashion site Shein as “Shie-In” deserves a pat on the back. The brand was originally called “She Inside” in English (Written Together, Ed.), and now they only abbreviate the second word.

These are particularly delicious oval balls made from potatoes and wheat flour, or a type of Italian pasta. It comes from the Italian word “gnocco” which means lump. It is known to us as dumplings. But how do you pronounce this dish without turning a blind eye in an elegant Italian restaurant or during your next summer vacation in Italy? The correct pronunciation is: 'njok-kie'. Not: “Gnu Che.”

Peppers are healthy, versatile, and add a colorful touch to any dish. That's why, according to some, it's always the best flavor of chips ever. But you pronounce vegetables with a long letter, not a short one: “paa-prika”. And thus the conversation ended forever.

There is no doubt that it is delicious. From vanilla ice cream and pudding to milkshakes or panna cotta: there are countless delicious vanilla-flavored desserts. However, the age-old question still prevails: Do you pronounce the letter L or not? No, it's: “va-nieje”.

Is it a baby camel or a llama? No, it's an alpaca. The camel is a mammal from South America. It looks similar to a llama and is often confused with a llama. However, alpacas are much smaller. They also don't just spit, unlike llamas. However: We are placing the wrong emphasis on this word, Prebley says. The correct pronunciation is: “al-pá-ca” with the stress on the second syllable.

Still looking for lychees for an end-of-year dessert? An exotic Asian fruit that you can now find in every Belgian supermarket. If you want to buy the fruit type, it is best not to ask the supermarket staff about “lie qi” or “lie qi”. Although there is no written rule about the correct pronunciation. According to Preply, “lai-chee” is closest to the original pronunciation.

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Another fashion brand. This time the Italian fashion house Versace. There has been confusion for years about the correct pronunciation of the luxury fashion house. Designer Donatella Versace herself tried to illustrate the uncertainty with a video in 2018. For example, a frequently heard phrase for the Versace brand is “Ver-sa-tjsie.” When it should actually be “Verrr-sa-tjsé”.

A store where many people will undoubtedly do some end-of-year shopping. But did you know that we often put the wrong emphasis when pronouncing the name of a supermarket? The store is German in origin and should therefore be pronounced in German, just like the German sports brand Adidas. So it's “Lie-del” not “Li-ddel”.

You've probably seen it on social media or eaten it yourself: the acai bowl. A thick, dark purple smoothie garnished with bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, and granola. This berry is very popular nowadays and comes from South America. Naturally full of vitamins and minerals. But how do you pronounce healthy things correctly? The answer is: “a-ssa-ie”.

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You also need the right accent for a budget brand like Primark. Do you say “Primark” or “Primark”? Kudos to everyone who says “Priemark”, because that's the original pronunciation used by the Northern Irish brand in its early years. Although we shouldn't mistake the name “Praaimark”: the brand is currently accepting the new version globally, as written on the website.

It is delicious in salads and a source of protein, fibre, folic acid and magnesium. But here too we regularly miss the mark. It should be “kien-wah” not “kie-nowah”. Yes!

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