March 4, 2024

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Harry Styles walks with his new girlfriend and impresses with his toned body |  celebrities

Harry Styles walks with his new girlfriend and impresses with his toned body | celebrities

celebritiesWe traditionally don't go for polar bears until January, but apparently Harry Styles, 29, couldn't wait until New Year's Eve to take a cold dip with his new girlfriend Taylor Russell. The photo shows Styles taking a swim on Hampstead Heath in London. Moreover, the British singer immediately made an impression with his toned body.

In the shot in question, which is currently doing the rounds on Instagram, we see Harry Styles straight after taking a dip in the icy water. The British singer hasn't had time to get dressed yet. In the photo, Styles is wearing just a pair of gloves, a hat and underwear. This pleases many of his fans, because the singer's toned body is clearly visible in the photo. His new girlfriend Taylor wore a black swimsuit and a black hat. The “Bones and All” actress also wore a pair of socks to keep warm.

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Stiles and Russell had been dating since last summer. The two were seen together for the first time during a concert by the British singer in Austria. In the months that followed, the lovebirds were photographed together more and more often. In October, it became clear that Harry Styles is serious about his new girlfriend. “He's madly in love with her and wants to be with her all the time,” a source told Us Weekly.

Styles previously formed a couple with Olivia Wilde. However, the two broke up in November 2022 after a two-year relationship. Russell herself has been linked in the past to her “Bones and All” co-star Timothée Chalamet. The latter is currently with reality star Kylie Jenner.

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