June 20, 2024

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Queen Máxima seen in Zeeman

Queen Máxima seen in Zeeman

Although we mainly know Queen Maxima with luxury creations and couture houses like Natan, Jan Taminiau, and Claes Iversen, it seems she has also been spotted on the local shopping street. During a visit to Alphen aan den Rijn, Maxima is seen in Zeeman.

Queen Máxima in Zeeman

The Queen did not come to shop, but for a business visit in the context of the circular garment industry. During the visit, the focus was on how textile companies approach the circular economy. Zeman points out that circularity is an important part of the business’s strategy, to become more sustainable and reduce impact on the environment. Queen Máxima was in the store with Foreign Minister Heijnen and talked about the “resale” project. Ziman works with chain partners to collect and sell used clothing.

They talked about sustainable materials and ways to preserve the quality of clothes for longer or reuse them. The introduction of a living wage in areas where no statutory wage was established was also discussed. For the outing, Maxima wore a dress by Natan, which we hadn’t seen before. Of course, there was also room for locals to take a selfie with the Queen:

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Maxima hears more about reselling


Outside make time for selfies

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