December 8, 2023

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Quiz – Why is Ford Surprised When You Buy a Ford Bronco (2023)?

Quiz – Why is Ford Surprised When You Buy a Ford Bronco (2023)?

Thanks to a customer survey among Ford drivers, the Ford Bronco is officially coming to the Netherlands for the first time. And not a 2.3 four-cylinder, but a 2.7-cylinder V6 with a thickness of 335 hp. We are forever grateful to these Ford drivers.

In the survey, Ford drivers indicated they were satisfied with their vehicle, but that as well stronghold Boring house. Ouch. This does not sit well with Ford. And so the Ford Bronco comes our way to light the fire. In our country, a large off-road vehicle should mainly enhance Ford’s image, not a lot of sales. Ford Netherlands doesn’t actually expect that either. In other words: If a handful are sold, the flag goes out.

In America, the Ford Bronco is called the “Goat”. This does not refer to “goat” or “the greatest of all time”, but rather “to transcend any land”. This is visible to him. Especially in the Badlands version, something so tough with huge ground clearance (26 cm) and large all-terrain tires (33 inches) that you like under a lunar rover.

You’ll find the shortcut on the center console dial. This selects one of seven driving modes, including slippery, mud, sand, rockcrawl, and baja, which is a special rally mode. Each driving mode affects throttle, gear shift and steering response.

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Test - Ford Bronco
Test - Ford Bronco

Rico Verhoeven is nothing

What a Ford Bronco can do borders on incredible off-roading. In the Belgian Ardennes, we drove over rocks with dangerously high points, through grasslands, close to trees, over steep hills and potholes and yes, even through an abandoned quarry. The hull didn’t budge and, like boxing champ Rico Verhoeven, absorbed all the blows effortlessly.

Although the Bronco is primarily made for terrain, it also rides well on asphalt, especially for such giant terrain with a solid rear axle. The few times we hit the runway, we didn’t get around each other. An added bonus is that you can easily take an extra step aside on a road with cross traffic if your oncoming traffic turns out to be illegal and you don’t. The Ford Bronco rides on every side of the road and on top of your vehicle if needed.

The 10-speed automatic shifts really well and before you know it, you’re driving at very illegal speeds with hardly any wind noise. It’s quite an achievement, given the large side mirrors and giant Lego block design.

Test - Ford Bronco

The interior is built for eternity

You can also see on the inside that the Bronco is built primarily for terrain. We see knobs, hard plastics and a sturdy gear lever. Not very nice at all. But it can take a little beating and may last forever. A large multimedia screen is present.

You are excellent in the front, but in the back it is a little narrower. It’s crazy to think that the Ford Bronco is 4.81 meters long and 1.94 meters wide. Moreover, you sit a little high in the back seat, at least higher than the driver and his co-driver. This feels a little strange. The entry could also be better, you almost have to jump out to get in the back seat, it’s quite high. You can leave your grandmother at home. Or you have to bring the kitchen ladder.

Test - Ford Bronco
Test - Ford Bronco

We didn’t get a two-door Ford Bronco

The Bronco does not electrify. competitor Jeep Wrangler It does this and is therefore much cheaper as a plug-in hybrid, around 91,000 euros. The Bronco will cost at least €130,000 (Ford hasn’t released final prices yet). But with the Bronco you can brag that all four doors and the roof can be removed in eight minutes; With a Wrangler you lose twenty minutes to this (Ford says scornfully).

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There is also a two-door Ford Bronco, but it is still in America. Too bad, because we actually think it’s cooler.

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